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    Last Added to Library?

    I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I promise you, I did look. ;) Is there any way to sort my library by songs last added? When I add a file to the library, I sometimes have trouble finding it. If I add several files to the library, I have to scroll through the entire...
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    My Cassette Adapter is Flip-Happy

    Ok, I guess this is kind of a strange cassette adpater issue. I hope not though so someone can offer advice. I'm using the cassette adapter that came with my Audible Otis. It actually sounds pretty darn good, way better than the two FM-transmitters I tried. The problem is that frequently my...
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    Search > Thread Results

    Don't know if this has been brought up before, forgive me if it has. (let's just call it a reminder then ;)) I just noticed on the results page when doing a seard, the column titles are off. Forum is situated above the author's column, Replies is situated above the forums column, Views above...
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    Where Does Your iPod Live?

    Where in the world are you and your iPod? Post your location on the guestmap . :cool:
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    Linking to iPod Around the World Pics

    Is there a special way to link to an iATW pic? I linked a friend's pic in another forum but now the link goes to some stranger's pic. :eek: I guess I could just link to the image url but I'd like for people to be able to vote on it as well. That make sense?
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    Flagged Threads

    I did do a search on the topic but forgive me if this has already been discussed. Would it ever be possible to flag threads so that we get some sort of alert when there has been a reply to those threads? If this is already in place and I just don't know it yet I'm gonna be super embarrassed. :o
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    Missing PM's?

    When I logged in today I got a new PM notice but when I went to check it, what was "new" was actually over a month old. Additionally, any PM's that I've received since then are gone, as are PM's that I've sent. Is it just me? :confused: EDIT: I just noticed some stuff from my profile such as...
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    Yikes! My iPod just up an froze on me.

    I was just cruising along on my way to work this morning, happy little camper and after the first song it just completely froze. I couldn't even turn the thing off. I had to let it sit on all day. On my way home everything was fine. Any idea what the cause might be? Fix? Any suggestions...
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    I want to listen in my 1996 Ford Explorer

    Anyone familiar with the factory installed stereo in this vehicle? What is your best advice for listening to my ipod in my car?