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    iPod nano audio quality

    Normally I listen to music on my 3G iPod nano, but I have a one-gigabyte "New Stuff" playlist that is synced to both my nano and my 4G touch, that has all my newest albums. Anyway, today I realized the eighth song in the Smashing Pumpkins' "free-one-mp3-at-a-time" album Teargarden by...
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    "Full charge" icon even when the battery is in the red

    Just a quick question... on my iPod touch, I've noticed lately the battery will be just a red sliver, but when I plug it into the wall charger it has the "full charge" icon. Will the iPod continue to charge if it thinks the charge is full, or does the "full charge" icon indicate that it's not...
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    Help! iPod not responding! "This game cannot be launched"

    Okay, I was sitting in my car listening to music and waiting for class to start and decided to start up a game of solitaire on my iPod nano 3G. A black screen popped up that said "This game cannot be launched. This may be the result of a full iPod. For more information, please visit...
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    Podcast solution

    Okay, I love my iPod touch but I have a problem with podcasts. With my iPod nano I was downloading podcasts to my PC every morning, then syncing. Now that I have an iPod touch, this seems like a silly way to go about things. The iPod touch can connect to the Internet, has the iTunes store, why...
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    Best paid apps?

    So I've had my iPod touch for about three weeks now, and since I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on apps after spending $260 at the Apple store, I've been loading up on free apps. But now I've gotten paid again and have some spending cash, so I'd like some recommendations. Any good paid...
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    Question about AV out

    I know there are iPod-to-RCA adaptors that allow you to watch video from an iPod through a tv. But I'm wondering if they work with third party apps. Specifically the Netflix app.
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    Buzzing over iPod dock

    I bought a new iPod touch this week. But, I've been using a nano for the last two years with an iPod dock, and the sound comes out perfectly. When I put the touch in the dock there's a loud buzzing underneath the music. I put it on airplane mode because I thought it might be interference from...
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    iTunes 10 no longer auto-deletes podcasts

    Anyone else having this problem? I've clicked refresh five or six times and it's not auto-deleting my old podcasts. I checked my settings to make sure it didn't reset them.
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    PDF files in iTunes?

    I bought an album off iTunes last week and it came with a digital booklet in PDF format. I can view it by opening the folder in Windows Explorer and double-clicking it, but double-clicking it within iTunes does nothing. I understand iTunes does not have PDF support but is there no way to make...
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    Is it me or does the nano keep getting worse?

    I have a third generation nano, which I think is the best strictly music player Apple has ever made (ie, not taking apps or internet into account). Perfect size (8 GB, which takes me a week or longer to get through before I need to re-sync), large enough screen to watch video podcasts, and the...
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    iPod touch internal speaker stopped working

    My fiancee bought an iPod touch yesterday, and the speaker was working fine until this morning, when it all of a sudden just stopped. You can still listen to music by plugging in headphones, but we can't watch Youtube videos or listen to Pandora on the internal speaker anymore. We would just...
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    Album cover art being switched around

    This is not a huge problem (ie, something I've been living with since I got my nano), but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem or has a solution. I have a 3rd gen iPod nano, and I try to get cover art for all my albums when I can. But sometimes when a song is copied to the...
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    Home Sharing between Mac and PC

    My fiancee and I both have PCs and have no problems using Home Sharing to transfer songs. My dad just bought an iPod touch and wanted my Beatles songs so we both turned on Home Sharing, but he has a MacBook and it appears that files cannot be copied from one library to another. We can both see...
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    iPod games

    I'm annoyed how quickly they abandoned the iPod classic/nano games. I understand developers would rather make iPhone apps, but dammit there's like 20 games total for iPod nano, and most of them are board games or ports of old Atari games. I don't really wanna pay $5 for Ms. Pac Man.