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    What's the easiest way of getting my playlists of music to my memory card?

    As just about all you have, I have a lot of playlists. Thing is, I also have a TON of music. If my music can't be in playlists, it's horribly to browse through. I recently got a G1, and want to move some of my music to it's memory card for if I don't have my ipod. Is there any way to move a...
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    iPod insists on re-uploading a portion of my library every sync...

    Lately, before 7.6/1.1, on every sync, it will delete, then re-upload, a random portion of songs to my iPod. Anywhere from 800-4000 songs get deleted and re-synced with every sync, even if nothing changed between the syncs. I just can't figure out what could be causing this, any thoughts...
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    Apple just dropped iTunes 7.5...

    And we get a new game for our ipods! haha. Now, how about that harddrivee bug fix plz? kthxbai. EDIT: Can a mod make that 7.5 please? From the software update: "iTunes 7.5 features the ability to activate iPhone wherever service is offered and support for Phase, a new interactive music game...
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    WTB: New style universal dock.

    If you have one, lemme know.
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    New bug discovered...

    This is how iTunes displays my storage summary: And how the iPod shows it: Obviously, not a huge deal, but just throw it in the list.
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    How many miles are on your iPod?

    I was doing some thinking... On my 4G photo, I can positively add up at least 35,000 miles, plus anything else I'm forgetting... What about you all?
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    Who got mini dock adapter cables?

    Ok, so, anyone notice how if you have your iPod connected (I'm referring to a classic specificaly), but not syncing it shows a dock connector, but it's like half as tall as a 'nomal" one? My Classic came with a normal connector, but I see in this video they are indeed shipping SMALLER dock...
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    Here's a feature I just thought of that we need...

    Ok, so, I don't know how many of you use iPhoto, but I do pretty extensively, I have around 13,000 photos. With the introduction of iLife 2008, I was VERY impressed with the "events" function, because I hated clumping by album for every time that I went shooting, etc. Short version is that I...
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    Good news regarding the Crashing Classic, and a video update!

    Here you guys go, it's good news:
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    New update, something's really wrong with the iPod Classics

    So, I deleted all my iTunes art, had IT download all it could, synced it up, it said the art was being optimized for the ipod, turn the ipod on: Crash. Wow. I don't want to sent it back, because I don't think it's hardware, but this is really annoying right now.
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    Holy crap... Brand new 160 crashing like crazy!

    I'll post more when I get home.. You can see my thread from an hour ago unboxing it here: It crashes ever minute or so, I'll youtube a video here in an hour or so.Point is, it's crashing like crazy every minute or so.. Wow EDIT: NOW WITH VIDEO...
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    iPod Classic 160GB UNBOXING pictures!

    If you have anypicture requests/question, lemme know!
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    Are there any GOOD solutions to adding lyrics to a library?

    I've searched, nothing helped... The good solution people recomended, Pearlyrics, is no longer available for download. I'm on a mac, also, by the way I'd prefere something that goes faster than having to play each song individually to get it to search the lyrics... Any ideas?
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    So, how long until we see Classic cases?

    HMm? Or, are there any other cases that will fit the 160 currently ouT? I'm in dire need... haha..:)
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    Will an iSee 80GB 5th gen work on a 160 Classic?

    I don't know the specs of the old model, never had one... Basicly, I want one of those, but obviously, for a 160 gb classic... Any thoughts on whether it'd fit or not?
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    I'm unhappy with the iPod Touch, here's why.

    I'm sure you may have seen my last post, all giddy about the new ipods. I was just leaving, so I saw the iPod touch Introduction, thought I had it figured out, and left, unknowing of the price or capacity. There I was, in class, all ready to drop 600 on my 80 or 120 or (gasp!) 160 gb top end...
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    Duplicate song problem, different than normal...

    I have a lot of artist discographies, which often inclydes different versions of the same track on different albums. Is there a way I can force iTunes to permantently ignore these under the, Show duplicates? Example, say a have a song in 5 albums. They are all different lengths, slightly, and on...
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    A hack to make downloaded podcasts go into the podcast menu?

    Is there anyway to make podcasts I download out of iTunes, such as Starkcast, go into my Podcast menu, the one below music and photos? I don't want half my podcasts to have to access in the artist menu? ANyone know what to do, or am I missing something?
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    Help again- iPP having sync issues with photos, now won't sync at all...

    Hello all again... My iPod i miraculously back working again after refusing to turn on for 2 days. Never did figure that one out... Oh well.. Now to the new problem at hand.. Ever since I've had it, it seems like whenever I more a big amount of pics to be optimized, it goes through a few...
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    My iPod is dead! help!

    Ok, here's my issue.. I was syncing over some more photos, and I got an "unknown error (-36) cannot update iPod." Ok... So i ejected it, tried a few more times, some result each time.. after various other things, I figured I'd just restore my ipod. Ok, so i took the iPod updater, let it run...