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    Which iPhone resembles your personality? Let's find out!

    I still use my iPhone 7 and love it so much. It's very thin compared to the new ones nowadays and the size is so handy and the camera is still so good.
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    itouch 4 updating 4.1 to 4.3

    I just wanna ask this simple question... Does updating my unjailbroken iPod touch 4G 4.1 to 4.3 deletes songs, apps or files in the process or not? 'cause it's the only reason I didn't update it yet, I'm afraid I'd loose all data on my touch... :confused:
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    iTunes all playlist & folders Gone (ERROR)

    My itunes is version and is up to date for this time and has many many folders, subfolders and many playlists... 'cause I organized my songs and playlists much... Last night I use my itunes to play music in my PC without any ipod docked to my computer, then suddenly it shows a message...
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    re- The last iPod classic

    I'm sorry about the first post, what I really mean is that will apple discontinue the iPod classic line in the near future because of the iPod touch?? like the 6th or maybe the 7th gen will be the last iPod classic? :confused:
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    The last iPod classic

    I've heard that apple is going to discontinue the iPod classic line because of the touch how true is that?:confused:
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    iPhone - iPod Touch

    Maybe iPhone should be something more different to the iPod touch, Cellphone industry now is a very tough market to compete... and with the release of the iPod Touch people would rather buy the touch than the iPhone, to enjoy its features without the phone... and choosing other branded phones...
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    iPhone as UMPC

    I think iPhone will sooner not just be a phone but a UMPC, I think iPhone from apple is the first Apple UMPC. Because in the near future UMPC's will not just for entertainment but also be become your ultimate communication device. Just like the HTC shift umpc, which will feature a 3G phone...