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    Apple Educational Student Discount

    I want to buy a mac book and heard you can save some money using the educational discount. I'm not in school but i have several friends who are. I'm in Canada and am wondering how much you actually save on a mac book. The canadian site requires you to use your student ID to log in before you...
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    Belkin TuneTalk - Is the internal microphone good?

    I bought the TuneTalk yesterday and I'm going to a concert tonight and want to try out live recordings. I heard not to use the autogain in a concert setting but is the TuneTalk's built in microphone good enough for live recording? I've heard alot of people say they use external microphones...
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    5g Video iPod seems so old. Its been out since Oct. 2005!!

    They used to release a new version of the iPod every year and the last real new version (5.5G does not count really) was in October 2005! Now everone is saying that we should expect the 6G no earlier than X-mas 2007 or early 2008! 2 years seems like a long time to wait, especially if they have...
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    Does FrontRow play MPEG-2?

    I'm getting a mac and need to know if FrontRow can play MPEG-2 files. Does front row use Quicktime for its videos? Because I know there is a Quicktime plugin to play MPEG 2, so if it does it should work, right? PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks!
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    MPEG 2 and the iTV

    Ok, I have 1.25TB (terabytes, not gigabytes) of MPEG 2 video content stored on hard drives here at home. I would LOVE to be able to pick up the iTV remote and scroll through them all and watch them so easily. BUT.... Will iTV play MPEG2 files? I know you can get a quicktime plugin to play MPEG2...
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    I Need a HQ Audio Recorder.....

    Ok, I go to about 10 or so concerts a year and want to record the audio from them for my own personal use. I know its agianst the rules but I'm ok with that. I'm wondering what would be the best way to do this. I considered the Belkin TuneTalk to use with my iPod, but I heard it kills the...
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    Anyone have experience with Staples (Business Depot) warranty?

    I bought a laptop in July 2005 for $2012. I paid the $167 for 2 year extended warranty. It’s a Toshiba Satellite. From the beginning I have experienced so many problems: -The “super-multi DVD writer” which is advertised as a 4x writer, won’t write above 2x on any DVD media, 4x,8x,12x all burn...
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    What Do Apple's Patents Mean?

    I hardly think they file them for no reason, but they do seem to file alot of them. A few months ago they make one for an iPod like interface with a touch scroll wheel floating over the menu. And now last week make another one for a touch sensitive border around the screen. The second patent...
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    Should I make the switch? PC to Mac

    Well last night my laptop crashed for the millionth time, and then I switch to my desktop PC which then also proceded to crash. I have seen those Mac vs PC commercials so once I got the computer working again, I looked up Mac's. It seems that mac's are the best bet, because i can even run my...
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    Video Content & the rumored new iPod Video

    What will happen to all the videos that we have purchased and encoded ourselves once this new rumored (pretty much definate) iPod video is out? Seeing as the new one should have a bigger screen won't the videos need to be a differnt resolution? meaning the old videos will be letter boxed and...
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    Irritating Problem. Can't add songs to my iPod!!!

    Ok, I have a new 30gb iPod, with the old firmware (v1.0). I've had no problems with it at all so far. Today I was updating songs and I plugged it in and iTunes (latest version) froze the minute my iPod showed up on the left-hand side. I shut my computer down and it still does the same thing. I...
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    Sony MDR-EX81 Question

    Ok I'm looking into these earphones because I like the over the ear style earphones but I also want to try the insolating type ones. The only thing that has held me back is the cord length. I've read that the cord is short to connect to a remote and the extension makes it too long (I read 6ft)...
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    Impressed With Martin Fields

    I got my Martin Fields last night and immediatly drove to the apple store (an hour away:D ) and picked up my new black 30GB iPod!! I've read just about every post on here about the fields so I knew all the problems that people had and ways around them. - Use the steamy bathroom. It worked...
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    Colorware Questions

    Ok I have read all the other topics so please don't reply saying "search for it". I want a 5g but have heard bad things about the scratches. I was thinking of the Martin Shield but have heard if you don't apply them right they arn't very good. I was going to get a silicone case like I usually...
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    iPod Color/Photo Firmware Upgrade ???

    Will we be getting a firmware upgrade now the the new iPod is out? I would like the new features like on the nano (lyrics display is what i want the most)
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    Question about transfering songs

    I'm thinking about buying an iPod photo to upgrade from my 3G iPod. I was wondering if there is a way to transfer all my songs from my old iPod to the new one without losing play counts and info like that. Is there? Thanks!
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    iPod Photo: Why not iPod Video??

    I love the idea of a color screen and being able to see the album art on screen is great. But now that there is longer battery life and a bigger hard drive any a color screen wouldn't it have been more logical to make an iPod video?? I already have a 3G iPod and the only way I think I would...
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    Please help! Take my poll! , It's for my education!!!

    I have to do a survey for my data management class and I choose to do it online. All you have to do is take the quick 1 question poll. Please click here to take the poll. Thanks!!
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    How to export songlist from iPod?

    Hello, I keep all my music on my iPod and on my hardrive but all my ratings, playcounts ect are only on my ipod because my brother also has an ipod. I want to upload my songlist to but I can only export the library, not the songs from my iPod. Is there a way to export an...
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    Where to Buy an iPod mini in Canada?

    Hey, a friend of mine wants to buy an iPod mini after falling in love with my iPod. I live in Canada but I don't exactly no where to buy one since they have not been offcially released here yet. Does anybody know?!?