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    Music App only playing half or part of imported songs

    I've used Apple Diagnostic and also checked my HDD via Disk Utility, and SMART functions are verified, so it's not the drive that I can see. The problem does replicate in safe mode. Also, just to be clear - the full tracks play outside the Music app, so they are being imported into my Music...
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    Music App only playing half or part of imported songs

    Hello - Running MacOS Monterey 12.2.1, Music v1.2.2.40 on MBP M1 2020 I do not subscribe to Apple Music, and all my music files are available locally in my computer's HD. Over the past months, I've noticed that files that have been added via "drag-and-drop" as well as using the menus import...
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    Cannot restore iPods - cannot be found. Ratings bugs

    iTunes iPod Nano (2nd gen) ver. 1.1.3 IPod Nano (4th gen) ver. 1.0.2 I've found that periodically restoring my iPods after iTunes version updates helps my system of integrated smart playlists and run a smooth system. Today the above iPod nanos reported a message of "The ipod cannot be...
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    consolidating 2 databases into 1??

    i've two iPods (5G-60GB iPod Video, 1G-4GB Nano) in use with different iTunes libraries and databases on the same external hard-drive. (Mac G4 ibook, OS X 10.3.9, iTunes 7.6) i'd like to combine the databases/libraries into one while keeping my playlists/counts from both. is this possible...
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    iTunes lost my tracks, but they are there!!!

    running iTunes ( on my PC. just installed a new cd burner to my desktop and for some reason, iTunes has decided to "misplace" all my mp3s. whenever i try to play a track on my comp, the annoying little "!" comes up to the left of the track, then i have to go through my hard drive and...