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  1. J

    Funny iPod nano spoof advert

    Sorry if this has been posted already, but i didn't see it. It's a nice spoof of the new iPod nano advert.
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    iSkin Slims

    Anybody heard of, or got any information about, these iSkin Slims things for the iPod nano? The only information i've found is that they'll cost about £16.99 and will come in a 5-pack of white, blue, orange, pink, and black (found here) From what i understand, they're inner layer replacement...
  3. J

    Anyone looked at their nano from the side?

    It's pretty cool. If you hold up your nano to the light you can see that you've basically got three visible layers: the chrome, the black/white plastic, and the clear plastic. You can see straight through the clear plastic, and the side of the click wheel is visible. Sounds like kind of an...
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    Removing sticker from back of nano

    I just got my nano and i've found that Apple has put a sticker on the back of the nano, which is stupidly hard to get off. It's in French and German, and in the process of trying to get it off with my fingernail i've managed to scratch the back. I'd rather not get a more unecessary scratches...
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    CLOSED: 4GB 2G silver iPod mini. Never opened.

    UK residents: 4GB 2G silver iPod mini. Never opened. Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. First off, I'm looking to sell this to UK residents only. Thanks. I won a silver 4GB mini from Walkers and am looking to sell it in order to buy a 4GB nano. The box has never...
  6. J

    More bands like Jimmy Eat World?

    Today i managed to acquire a copy of Jimmy Eat World's album Futures. It's a lot lighter than the stuff i normally listen to, but still pretty good. I'm looking to expand my musical taste, so can anyone recommend me some more bands with a similar sound to Jimmy Eat World? Thanks.
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    Not sure if this has been posted here before... Any thoughts?
  8. J

    iPod mini / photo Ads?

    Quick question, did Apple ever make any TV or poster adverts for the mini or the photo? The only ones i've seen are for the regular iPod and the shuffle. I need to know for part of my I.T. project so thanks for any info you can give me. And as an aside if they didn't, do you think it was...
  9. J

    What is BPM?

    I noticed in the Smart Playlist options that you can make a playlist based on BPM. What is this? Beats per minute? I tried mucking around with it to shed some light on what it is and how you can use it but when i put in a number either all my songs seem to appear in the playlist or none of them...
  10. J

    New System Of A Down album details

    The first of System Of A Down's two new albums, Mesmerize, is to be released on May 17th. The second, Hypnotize, will be released sometime in the fall. B.Y.O.B., which is the first single from the album Mesmerize, is scheduled to arrive at radio stations this week. Kerrang! magazine was given...
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    The Microsoft Guide to Buying a Flash Player

    Microsoft's 6 Tips for Buying a Flash Player 1) Understand the basics 2) Make sure you're getting all the goodies 3) You'll want a display 4) Let a professional make your next playlist 5) Pick the right size for you 6) Don't get locked into one online store Oh, i wonder which shiny white...
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    Download iPod TV commercials?

    Does anyone know where i can download the iPod television commercials? Not the song but the actual video. And before you say to search Google, i already have and couldn't find anything of much use. I need it as part of my IT project so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. J

    Something strange happened to my iPod

    I was at my desk this morning when i glanced over at my iPod which was in its dock. As i looked at the screen, however, i noticed something odd about it. Normally when my iPod is in its dock it shows the battery charging symbol, but this time the screen was completely blank. Thinking this was...
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    My shuffle and 3G Lego Stands

    My shuffle and 3G Lego Stands (Pictures) Here are some pictures of the lego stand i made for my 3G. The cable is kept in place at the front by two pieces of lego technik, which click into place to clamp the cable in, and the iPod is kept in place by two pieces at the side of the platform which...
  15. J

    The Apple iToilet

    For all you Apple fanatics out there... The iToilet
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    How many songs did you get on your shuffle?

    Just got my shuffle today, and i'm amazed at everything about it. From its tiny size, to the way the front LEDs blink at you from a point on the surface, which you would never be able to tell was any different by just looking. For those of you who don't really have much of an idea how big the...
  17. J

    Sony Ericsson K700i or Samsung E330, or other?

    I'm thinking of getting a new mobile phone, because my old Nokia is really really outdated now. Can anyone who has either of these two phones perhaps give me some advice on which i should get, or if there are any others i should consider. Some pictures, or your own experiences of the goods and...
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    Favourite Slipknot Mask

    Slipknot fans and Slipknot fans only... Which is your favourite band member or which mask do you like the best? Select one of the 9 options above. Also, which of their three albums do you like the best: Slipknot Iowa Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses
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    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    That's a good question, and one whose answer has been debated about for tens of years. Why do you think the chicken crosses the road? Here are some famous opinions as to the reason, courtesy of Jessica Simpson 's Answer: Why would he be one a road, I thought chickens lived...
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    Is this a new iPod site?

    Where's the first post?