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    App that syncs with iCal's To-Do List

    I'm a new iPod Touch user and would like to view/sync my To-Do list in iCal on my Touch. Do you know of any app that does this or do most sync with free web services like Toodledo? Thanks!
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    Multipe Users, 1 Credit Card

    Hi, I'm a Mac user and I'm going to set-up my cousin's family PC XP box with 3 iPod's, that will use the same credit card. As far as I know they do not want to share music. Assuming that, I'll need 3 separate email addresses for Apple ID's which can use the same credit card. If they want to...
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    Best Entourage syncing app for Mac?

    Our IT staff is getting Entourage (part of MS Office 2004) so we can work with all of the Exchange server features at our corporate IT office. I've seen a bunch of different syncing apps and am wondering which one is the best. Thanks for the help!
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    Problem syncing iCal & iPod

    I have many repeating events in iCal. If I change one of those repeating events to a different day/time (Only for this event), everything looks good in iCal. Once I sync to my iPod, the changed event shows up in it's new date/time but the original event is still listed on it's repeating...
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    Noise cancelling earphones?

    How efficient are the Shure E3c earphones and the Ety 6i earphones at cancelling out background noise/conversations? I had tried the Sony EX71s awhile ago and never got a good seal. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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    Best price for Shure E3C's?

    Has anyone seen any specials/deals/etc. on the Shure E3C's? I couple of sites have them for $179 but I thought I saw some better pricing earlier in the summer but don't remember where. Thanks!
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    Party Shuffle question

    Why doesn't Party Shuffle display my recently played songs in the Party Shuffle playlist? If I choose to display 0 upcoming songs and 10 recently played songs then only 1 random song shows up at the top of the list. If I choose 10 upcoming songs then that works fine but still no recently played...
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    Senn PX200 vs Koss PortaPros

    I currently own Koss PortaPros but I want to get some isolation headphones without breaking the bank. How do the Sennheiser PX200s compare to the PortaPros? I personally think the PortaPros sound great but I've never heard the PX 200s. They seem like a great deal at $33 ( All...
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    Proper burn-in procedure for headphones

    I've been thinking about getting the Senn PX 200 as a budget isolation headphone. I also own the Koss Porta-Pros (which I love). What is a good burn-in procedure for headphones? Is it okay to burn them in after weeks of use at normal levels? I'd appreciate any help. I'm not a headphone pro...
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    iPod remote for 3G iPod

    I need to buy a new remote for my 3G iPod (30GB). Does anyone know where I can buy just a new remote, without buying the Apple case with it? My original remote's plastic pulled away from the connector and exposed the wires that eventually started to short out :(
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    Looking for wire management accessory

    Maybe I'm a bit anal here but I hate having tons of wire from the headphones and wired remote hanging everywhere. Does anyone make a wire management accessory? How about a few tips from the iPod faithful?
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    iTunes / iPod shuffle question

    Some of my playlists in iTunes are set to shuffle, some are not (regular & smart playlists alike). Does the iPod shuffle setting (off, songs, albums) override the playlist shuffle setting? Are the shuffle settings transferred to the iPod along with the songs/playlists?
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    Sennheiser MX500 foam pad options

    I just got my MX500's today and they sound great but they do not fit the best. I thought I remember reading a post somewhere about different types of pads (rubber maybe?) you can put on them that helped the fit. If anyone knows anything that can be used, please let me know. Thanks!