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    What Should I Read Next? (Dot Com)

    Here's something fun to play with for you book lovers out there.
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    Podcasting Forum

    With the launch of iTunes 4.9, I think its time to give Podcasting its own forum, rather than just having it as an almost hidden subset of Books & Spoken Word.
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    Audible: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sales

    Audible: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale FYI, Audible is currently running a buy one, get one free sale. You do not have to be a subscriber to take advantage of this sale. Anyone can buy. Not sure when the sale ends but probably a week from now...
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    Audiobooks Menu on 4G/Mini

    I recently upgraded my Mini with new firmware which adds Audibooks heading to the main menu and also the variable speed feature. For those of you who are already up to speed on the 4G, what exactly distinguishes a title so that it appears under the Audiobooks Menu? Is it the Genre label or the...
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    Jon Stewart's America

    If you're a Daily Show fan, check out Jon Stewarts new book at Audible. They have it on sale right now for 8 bucks. I only watch snippets of The Daily Show on occasion but the book is pretty good, if you like political / historical satire. Its witty and entertaining. I rate it 4/5 New...
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    Workaround for bookmark deep sleep bug

    For those of you toying with this one, I found this on the Yahoo board. Seems like a logical notion distinguishing from the bookmark retained in flash memory versus being written to the hard disk and the author appears to have found a workaround. .......... "One other caveat with the iPod...
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    LeShow-free download

    Harry Shearer's weekly radio show- LeShow- is available for FREE download each week at Audible. This weeks episode is pretty good. You can download it at Le Show is a program of satire, humor, and commentary about the week's news. Comedy sketches written and performed by...
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    FREE-Audible from Mount Everest

    Audible has a cool thing going with two climbers who are on their way to Mount Everest. They call in regularly and report their progress along the way to school kids in New Jersey. You can listen and follow along at Here is an overview...... To find the...
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    No Pepsi caps in SoCal?

    I live in SoCal, within five miles either way of an Apple store. You would think this would be one of the larger markets for Apple and thus, the Pepsi promo. The promo is almost over now and I have yet to see a single Pepsi bottle with an iTunes contest cap. All we get are "Laker Caps". I...
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    Apple In-Ear buds w/ EX71 Sleeves

    just curious if anyone else out there has tried the Apple In-Ears with the EX71 sleeve mod? If so, what's your impression?
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    Lost Bookmarks after Deep Sleep?

    There was some discussion in another thread about bookmarks being lost when the iPod goes into deep sleep mode. But that thread started wondering off-topic. I think Arsolot and Robert were first to identify this as the probable cause or event where bookmarks are lost. I listen to my iPod...
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    Ephpod 2.75 and Audible

    Has anyone tried the new 2.75 version of Ephpod released on 12/6? It says on the site that it includes Audible and AAC support. I'm curious to know if the Audible bookmarking bug was fixed? Also curious to know if it handles tags for AAC protected files from the iTMS? :P
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    Format Test Results-AAC vs Lame, WMA

    Here is a great site that provides results of public listening tests of various compression technologies at various bitrates. 1. The first test compares AAC files @ 128 using different encoders. 2. The second takes the winning 128 AAC encoder and compares it to other common formats and...
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    iTunes "Now Playing" Beef

    Several users who have switched to iTunes from other programs have coplained about iTunes lack of a Now Playing feature. Can someone describe for me what exactly the complaint is? I've been using iTunes for Windows and just want to know what I don't know I'm missing :confused:
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    Audible + iPod User's Guide

    Podunk's Audible for iPod Guide Audible content can be played on PCs or Macs. The comments below regarding iTunes apply to both platforms for the most part, and differences are pointed out where applicable. 1. Audible Basics 2. Audible File Formats 3. iPod Software for Audible 4. Importing...
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    iTunes problems!

    EDIT: started over today and everything installed properly. Files imported properly. And thanks to MarkP99 with his advice below concering Total Recorder, playback issue is now fixed also. Now she's singing like a bird! Woo Woo! _____________ 1) Crashed during the installation when...
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    Napster 2.0 / Does it do iPod?

    So here's a burning question. Napster 2.0 is set to make its beta debut on Oct. 9. The big question is... will Napster tunes play on iPod? or will it be like all the other PC music services so far that use Microsoft WMA file format? I'm looking forward to iTunes for Windows but I also want...
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    Ripping Speed with MC9

    I'm only getting rip speeds of about 2x with MC9 vs. 17X with MMJB. I have a 48X read/rip TDK. I'm using VBR Low Normal, Digital Secure setting.... Any way to make this thing go faster? Is this normal with MC9?
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    MC9 / Audible question???

    If you use MC9 for Audible files for your iPod, do you still have to use AudibleManager or can you download the Audible files directly from the website into your MC9 file folder? My interest in MC9 would be to simplify by condensing from two apps required to use my iPod (MMJB Plus...
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    Naptster Samsung Player

    Napster Samsung Player anyone seen the new Napster Samsung Player yet? Check it out. Here's a link. Co-branded player that will offer integrated support between Napster and the player like iPod / iTunes. I read on another news...