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  1. Jesse Hollington

    iTunes 11: tips and tricks

    Odd, as it's there for me on all of the tracks I've checked. Make sure you're accessing the actual right-click context menu, and not the quick menu that appears when clicking on the arrow to the right of the track name.
  2. Jesse Hollington

    New Moderator Appointments

    I am pleased to announce the addition of cjmnews, kornchild2002 and rockmyplimsoul to our team of iLounge Forum Moderators. These members have been selected on the basis of their long-time commitment and contributions to the iLounge community, visiting the forums regularly, participating...
  3. Jesse Hollington

    Why purchase Apple TV?

    I can't possibly imagine what use I would have for my three Apple TVs. It's not like I have any content I can actually watch on them. Oh, wait....
  4. Jesse Hollington

    Should children under 10 be allowed an iPod?

    It's also worth noting that the iPod touch and other iOS devices include a "Restrictions" feature that can be used to disable access to the Safari browser, YouTube and other features. You can also restrict the apps and other content that can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or App Store based...
  5. Jesse Hollington

    Disabling Spell-check?

    Actually, it can. Check in the Settings app under General->Keyboard.
  6. Jesse Hollington

    Vote now for iLounge’s 2010 iPad/iPhone/iPod Readers’ Choice awards!

    In preparation for the November 1st release of iLounge's 2011 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide, we are opening voting today for our annual Readers' Choice awards. In the short, four-question survey, you'll have the opportunity to vote for Apple's media product of the year, accessory developer of...
  7. Jesse Hollington

    Note: Thread Prefixes for Classifieds

    A new feature has now been enabled in the Classifieds forum requiring you to categorize any new threads by specifying a prefix indicating what type of classified ad you are posting. The prefixes can be selected from a drop-down menu beside the thread title when creating a new thread, and are as...
  8. Jesse Hollington

    Welcome to the new iLounge Forums!

    I'm pleased to announce that we have completed our upgrade to the latest version of vBulletin and a whole new template design for the iLounge Discussion forums. vBulletin 3.8 provides a myriad of new features, not all of which have yet been implemented. Basic forum posting and editing features...
  9. Jesse Hollington

    Games is now "iPod and iPhone Applications"

    With the debut of the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch last week, we've expanded this forum to include a discussion of ALL types of iPhone and iPod applications across the board, including those available from the new App Store as well as any continued discussion of the older iPod Click...
  10. Jesse Hollington

    iPhone Canadian Rollout

    Those of us up here north of the border should be happy to hear that the "22 countries" that the iPhone is being rolled out in on July 11th will include Canada. Although some of us already have unlocked iPhones, hopefully this means more reasonable data plans and the addition of features like...
  11. Jesse Hollington

    TV Shows Now Available in Canada!

    So it looks like yesterday's rumours were true: TV content has finally come to the Canadian iTunes Store. Most of the list thus far is Canadian content, although there are a few American shows there as well, such as South Park and The Hills. The Canadian content includes some of my own...
  12. Jesse Hollington

    iTunes 7.4: Album Ratings and Smart Playlists

    iTunes 7.4 has now introduced a new features that will be very exciting for those who want to build smart playlists based on albums. The new album rating feature allows you to specify a rating for an entire album. Further, it automatically provides an "average" rating for albums that already...
  13. Jesse Hollington

    $0.99 Ringtones on the iTunes Store

    At today's Special Event, Apple announced that they would begin selling ring tones for the iPhone on the iTunes Store. As it has been announced at this point, the ringtones will require the purchase of the original song for $0.99 USD, and then an additional $0.99 per ringtone for a custom...
  14. Jesse Hollington

    The Official iPod classic Discussion Thread

    So, today Apple has announced the continuation of the traditional iPod lineup with the new iPod classic, available as hard-drive based models in 80GB and 160GB capacities. Several additional iPods were also announced today, but the iPod classic remains the largest-capacity iPod by a very large...
  15. Jesse Hollington

    Official iPod nano (with video) Discussions

    So, with Apple's announcement of the new iPod nano today, what are you thoughts? The physical appearance and dimensions are definitely different from the traditional Nano or larger-sized iPod, but it now appears to have bridged the gap between the feature set of the full-size iPod and the more...
  16. Jesse Hollington

    iPod nano (with video) Forum

    This forum has been created for discussions on the new iPod nano (with video) announced today (Sep. 5) at the Apple Special Event in San Francisco. Discussions on the older first and second-generation iPod nano devices should be taken to the Legacy iPod nano forum. For more information on the...
  17. Jesse Hollington

    iPhone Price Drop!!!

    Today, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone 4GB model is being discontinued, and the iPhone 8GB model price has now been dropped to $399 USD. This places the iPhone 8GB model at the same price point as the newly-announced 16GB iPod Touch model, which is essentially now a "phoneless" iPhone...
  18. Jesse Hollington

    Official iPod touch Discussion Thread

    So, with Apple's announcement of the iPod Touch today, what are your thoughts or first impressions? Post them here....
  19. Jesse Hollington

    iPod Touch Forum

    Welcome to iLounge's new "iPod Touch" forum. This forum is for discussions on the new touchscreen iPod announced at today's (Sept 5) special event. More information on the iPod Touch can be found at Look for more information and our forthcoming reviews on our...
  20. Jesse Hollington

    iPhone Root Password Hacked

    So, apparently the root password for the iPhone has been cracked, although this doesn't seem to be of any particular use just yet, since nobody has figured out how to access an OS X shell on the device as of yet. See G4's The Feed and Hackint0sh