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    Chemical Brothers album error in the Store

    The preorder link was busted for me to download the new album. So I went digging around on the store to see if the preorder incentive track was available elsewhere. Surprise!! The preorder version of the album is on iTunes for ANYONE to download. Use this link instead of the one on the store...
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    Home Movie chapters like iTS movies?

    Has anyone worked the new video features enough to know how to add in our own chapters? Anyone that's bought a movie off of itunes has seen this, and I'm interested to know if we've got the resources to do it ourselves. I've got lots of stuff I'd like to have chapters on.
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    I've got a scary problem. Real toughie.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. This should serve both as a query and a warning for people wanting to shop outside their iTMS. I am in the unique position to where I can have access and use iTMS between two different countries. I purchased my first few Japanese...
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    Possible to backup the itunesDB file?

    To me, it seems REALLY frickin' ######ed to base a system's capabilities around one EASILY corruptible file. I spent two freakin' weeks getting my ipod back into normal shape, DURING the holidays, lost all my album art, all my lyrics, photos, videos, and about 3400 of my songs that I had loaded...
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    Anyone experienced this yet?

    When I go to play a video, and then choose an audiobook file, the video won't stop playing. I'm just now loading music onto it, but this is troubling. I had to play the LAST video in my playlist and forward it to the end to get it to where I could listen to an audiobook. The video just kept...
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    Audio Recording on the 5G?

    Has anyone figured out if we need some goofy lookin' mic attachment to record yet or not? I would like to be able to skip said attachment and go straight with some real hardware to get good audio. I've got concerts needing recording in Nov, and I don't want to wait on Belkin to get their crap...
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    Shirt I made...

    I totally found this site by accident the other day... and they had some swag animation stuff I liked, so I made a model, which is now available to any who want it on a tshirt. It's an acquired "old skool" look to it... If you like it...