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  1. Eric Lewis

    wierd problem...

    My iPod classic is having major issues It says it copies over music with iTunes but on the iPod it shows no music no playlists etc but in iTunes it shows like there is stuff on it under about> it says OKB free I have tried multiple restore's and reformatting. how do i fix this problem? thanks
  2. Eric Lewis

    Britneys Back! With Womanizer and Video Link

    Guess what? She back check out the video
  3. Eric Lewis

    4GB Nanos in Canada!

    I have tried to find a 8GB nano in Orange/Yellow over the weekend but had no luck But Walmart/Bestbuy/Futureshop had TONS and TONS (like 20 of each color) in 4GB models. Walmart has them on for $129.97 in Canada. So If you want a 4gb Nano go to walmart.. they even have RED! But now im trying...
  4. Eric Lewis

    5th Generation Nano Will Have Mirror Back

    1st = Mirror 2nd = Aluminum 3rd = Mirror 4th Aluminum Thus 5th = Mirror Enjoy
  5. Eric Lewis


    Hmm...I really think It should be more then 7 days and 10 me thats a bit on the low side... Anyone else agree?
  6. Eric Lewis

    WTB: iPhone (any size)

    Want to Buy iPhone in 4gb or 8gb or 16gb in First Generation..(Silver/black back) Will pay $400 max shipped to door It doenst need to be unlocked.. Will pay closer to $400 for better condition and with box + extras (dock, headphones, case etc) and for ones that are worse quality/ missing...
  7. Eric Lewis

    iPod AppleCare

    I have 2 for sale! Not sure How much they go for Thanks
  8. Eric Lewis

    Wii Fit

    Quick Little Review / Ask Questions..Ill answer So at first you set up your Mii, and it you enter hight, date birth, how heavy your clothes are..then it weights you and caculates your Body Mass Index then the whole game is about raising (building Muscle) or lowering (loosing weight) your...
  9. Eric Lewis

    Addicted to iTunes Store?

    I spend so much money there...i see a song and just click buy..and like a month later i have like 108 dollars spent... its so easy to click buy and it downloads instantly and you have it> anyone else addicted?
  10. Eric Lewis

    Im buying another shuffle!....

    Reasons 1) Mine is a Silver 2) My shuffle battery is almost toast..about 2 hours of listening to music 3) No Warrenty anymore Im going to NYC next week and hitting the 5th Avenue Apple Store and i figuired that I would purchase a 1GB Red Shuffle..because the red is only sold in apple stores...
  11. Eric Lewis

    Anyone one the Mailing Contest?

    For the newsletter? anyone win anything? or anything overall on iLounge? post it here im interested who has won?
  12. Eric Lewis

    New iLounge!

    I really like it..its new and fresh and exicting? what are your thoughts?
  13. Eric Lewis

    WTB Original or 3G iPod?

    Let me know what you got and how much
  14. Eric Lewis

    New Shuffle is 16 dollars more then a pair of apple earbuds! Its 39 for some earbuds and 55 dollars for an iPod Shuffle I just broke my im going to pick up a red shuffle...for 16 bucks...
  15. Eric Lewis

    Rogers or FIDO prepaid?

    I need a phone to use during the day for like 5 months...for coop I need like 50 mins and like 50 texts? whats better? thanks Its prepaid!
  16. Eric Lewis

    my iPhone Story...

    Since i found out about the iPhone I waited patiently for the iPhone to come to Canada. I waited and never will come..i realized... I went down to the states in October and bought my self an iPhone for 399 with 1.1.1 and unlocked it. I loved it so much. No more iPod and Razr...
  17. Eric Lewis

    I need some kind of timer device for running?

    Im in a pickle and I have no idea what would work. (its for my mom) She runs a running thing at the running room where they run 10minutes and walk 1 minute like 10 times...or run 4 minutes walk 4 minutes etc? She needs some kind of dual timer? what would work? Thanks
  18. Eric Lewis

    Can the iPod touch do 2 timers?

    I go running...well 10 minutes running and 1 min walking and i was wondering if there was a way to time 1 and then 10 and then 1 and then 10etc....thanks
  19. Eric Lewis

    2 New Games...Chess and Backgammon & Naval Battle

    Chess and Backgammon iTunes Link Naval Battle iTunes Link i Found these while browsing today!
  20. Eric Lewis

    The NEW "Get a Free Signature" Thread -- Post your Request Here

    hey i need some help I wanted to use that as the overall look..and make the logo smaller in the center and then Eric Lewis on each sides Eric (Logo) Lewis and then make the background of the logo extend around the logo...