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  1. baggss

    iPhone and Lyrics

    I have about 500 songs in one playlist on my iPhone. I have entered lyrics on all of the songs. When I look at the songs on the iPhone in iTunes the Lyrics are there. When I look at the song files that are uploaded to the iPhone with an app like MPFreaker, the lyrics are there. When I look at...
  2. baggss

    iLounge App?

    Maybe not a new idea, but why not create an iLounge App for the iPhone/iPod Touch line? Heck, I'd even pay for it. Since this is a very iPod centric forum I think it would be a nice thing to add. The App would simply open up a Window on the forums and allow easier access than through Mobile...
  3. baggss

    A completely random "relationship" poll

    Ok guys and gals, here is a completely random "relationship" poll. Lets say you have a friend of the opposite gender (or same if that trips your trigger). You've know this friend for 3 or 4 months at the most. This friend has just broken up with their "significant other". This friend invites...
  4. baggss

    Getting rid on Contact List on iPhone

    Ok, so I am using MobileMe to keep my contacts synced between my 2 Macs and my iPhone. I created contact lists both on my Mac in address book and on MobileMe but did not name them so the it used the default name "Group Name". Now I have deleted the groups from address book and MobileMe but...
  5. baggss

    iPhone, dropped SMS?

    I just switched to AT&T when I got my iPhone last week. Since then I have noticed several occasions when my oldest daughter has texted me from her phone (still on Verizon) and the text has not been received on my iPhone. Her phone shows it as being sent and delivered but my iPhone never seems...
  6. baggss

    Solar Power?
  7. baggss

    Handbrake 0.9.2 released. Mac users be aware, it's 10.5 compatible only. Redesigned GUI and a bunch of other fixes/updates.
  8. baggss

    Who owns a GPS unit?

    Just curious. I got one for Christmas and like it quite a bit. Who else here has what?
  9. baggss

    ...the end of the world as we know it...

    Maybe not new, but the people saying it are... (link fixed)
  10. baggss

    Forcing widescreen movies into full screen

    If you turn off Wide screen mode on your iPod the movie should play in full screen, it will just clip the edges off.
  11. baggss

    Germany Cracks Down...
  12. baggss

    EU - Unbundle MS Windows from the PC...,137519-c,microsoftantitrustcase/article.html
  13. baggss

    Handbrake 0.9.0 Released.

    A Major updare from 0.8.5B1 Some of the changes include: * User experience is improved through a re-envisioned Mac interface and a Windows interface that's been rebuilt from the ground up. * Picture quality is improved through better image scaling, better deinterlacing, new filters for...
  14. baggss

    Apple's iTunes Now Third-Largest Music Retailer in U.S.

    From HERE: Apple's iTunes Now Third-Largest Music Retailer in U.S. Friday, June 22, 2007 NEW YORK — Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) digital music store iTunes is now the third-largest music retailer in the United States with 10 percent market share, overtaking (AMZN) in the first quarter...
  15. baggss

    Microsoft "Surfaces"....
  16. baggss

    Used CD sales....

    Looks like Florida and Utah are getting Stupid. Other states may follow....
  17. baggss

    Handbrake 0.8.5.Beta 1 Released

    Available HERE. Updates include the ability to build and save presets. Comes with prebuilt presets for iPod, AppleTV and PS3 conversion. Alternate download link for Mac users:
  18. baggss

    Dilbert and the iPod

    Dilbert and the iPod....
  19. baggss

    Microsoft mulls cell-phone-style Zune subsidies

  20. baggss

    Apple, EMI, Miscrosoft and DRM free music....

    From BuinsinessWeek.