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    Quick "squeeky" noise when playing music

    The only way I can describe the sound is that it's a little high pitched and almost a "squeeky" or "static" sound coming through the headphones. It only happens when I initially start a playlist or shuffle songs and lasts for a few seconds. Once in a while, I hear it when i'm listening to a...
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    Newbie to iTunes

    Hi everyone. I'm a long MMJB user but I've switched to iTunes so I could fully take advantage of my iPod Photo's capabilities. Anyways, I had a question regarding adding new songs to your library. I've pointed iTunes to "My Music". Let's say I add a new album to the "My Music" folder. The...
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    Album Cover Art - Using ephPod

    Hi Everyone! I was a former owner of the 15 GB 3rd gen iPod. Today I sold it and bought a new 40 GB iPod. I love this thing! However, I don't know why the album cover art doesn't appear next to the song. I've heard that this problem exists with the updates out there. However, I don't use...
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    FS: 15 GB 3rd Gen iPod with Best Buy Warranty, extras

    Hey everyone, I've put my iPod up on eBay for sale. I put the Buy It Now price at $275 but if someone wants to buy it for $265 (free shipping) let me know. It's in mint condition with all the accessories (docking station, AC adapter, remote, etc). I'm also including a FULL-COVERAGE Best Buy...
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    Amazing Bootlegs

    Suggest a bootleg you think is the most amazing in your collection Mine has to be the Verve - Voyager 1 bootleg. It's a collection of six songs the Verve played back in '93 in New York and London. If you never knew how epic this band was live, this is the definitive bootleg to own. It only...
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    Brit Pop, Shoegaze, Brit Trad Rock, etc, etc

    Last year a really good Brit rock thread got started but since I haven't visited in over 10 months it is long gone. Why don't you recommend some good Brit rock groups from the 80s, 90s, and today? Here is a list I think is a definitive collection: Oasis The Smiths Blur The Verve Radiohead...
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    Listening to the iPod while in the dock

    Hi everyone! It's been a very long time since I've posted, so I hope you all are doing well. I was wondering about something yesterday. I listen to my iPod at my desk while at work and I usually just leave it in the docking station. I noticed some noise coming from my iPod so I think the...
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    iTunes - Lacks one feature...

    Hey everyone. As a long time iPod user, I immediately tried out iTunes for Windows when it was first released last fall. I have to say that I was kind of disappointed. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have been a MusicMatch Jukebox user since 2000. The fact is, MMJB allows you to...
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    iTunes doesn't fancy REM?

    For some reason or another, I can't add any of my REM tracks to my iTunes library (windows). All the other files get added just fine, but not one of my REM tracks do. I thought maybe the tagging with my REM songs are bad but there's nothing wrong with them. Any ideas?
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    Current song that puts you in a good mood?

    For me, it has to be "Oh Yoko" by John Lennon. It's such an upbeat tune :)
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    This is probably in the wrong section, but...

    For some reason or another I can't use the PM feature. It was working a few days ago, but now when I go into my Inbox it says the administrator disabled the feature. Anyone else having the same problem? I'd let the administrator know, but I can't use PMs ;)
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    Dock Adapter for firewire cable?

    I was wondering if there is an adapter you can buy for the old gen1 and gen2 firewire cables to be used with the new dock connectors. I have an extra firewire cable in my house that I used to use for my old 20 GB iPod (I have a 15 GB now), but if there is an adapter out there in the market it'd...
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    WTB: iTrip!!!!

    I'm looking to buy an iTrip. I have the new 15 GB iPod so I don't know if i can use the iTrip. If I can, please PM me. Cheers.
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    Any good FM transmitters out there?

    I just got a brand new car today. It comes with a 6-CD changer, but the problem is I have no way of using my iPod anymore. I used to use a tape adapter in my old car, but I can't do that now. iRock had this FM transmitter I used for 2 days, but I dumped it b/c it was worthless. The reception...
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    New iPods and tranfering music

    I just got the new 15 GB iPod today and I noticed something odd. After all my songs were transfered, I turned on my iPod to listen to my songs. When I looked at my library, I noticed some of the artists were doubled. For example, there was more than one "Beatles". I immediately thought my...
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    Can the iPod work on Mac G4 - OS?

    I'm a windows user so I know nothing about the G4 OS (or even heard of it before), but I know someone that is interested in my 20 GB iPod and he was wondering if the iPod would work on the Mac G4 OS. Cheers in advance
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    Buying at the Apple Store vs Best Buy

    When I bought my 20 GB iPod I went to the Apple Store. It was nice there because I got to try out the player extensively before I bought it. However, I'm thinking about going to Best Buy for my next iPod purchase because: They will match the student discount price For $40, I can have full...
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    Buy a new iPod now or wait till later

    I currently own a 20 GB iPod but i'm contemplating on buying a new iPod. I've read that there are some problems with it. Should I wait until they fix these bugs or are they not that big of a deal?
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    Great UK bands to get into

    Post them here. Here are some of my favorite: Oasis The Verve Coldplay The Smiths Stone Roses The Doves Blur Radiohead Belle and Sebastian Manic Street Preachers
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    2.0 coming soon for old iPods.....?

    I was at my local Apple store yesterday, when the salesman told me that Apple is rumoured to release iPod software 2.0 for the old iPods. As you all already know, version 2.0 includes "on-the-go" playlist capability (a functionality that's overwhelmingly wanted among us). He said it's just a...