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    Ratings Blacked Out

    I'm trying to create some new smart playlists based on my ratings. However, when I bring up the new smart playlist dialogue and select "Rating > Is > ...", the box where I am supposed to choose the number of stars is blacked out. Anybody seen this before? How do I get it to go away? * I...
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    Dangit! I can't decide if I should wait!

    A friend just offered to buy my two 2G 20gb iPods for about the same price as a new 40gb. She wants to take them tomorrow. Knowing my luck, Apple will release the 4G the week after I buy a new one. I can't decide if I should tell her I want to wait or if I should just go ahead and buy the 3G...
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    2nd iPod won't sync or eject

    I just picked up a second (used) 20 Gb 2nd-Gen iPod, and I'm having some difficulty getting it to work properly. Here are some of my symptoms: 1. Auto-sync will not fill the iPod. It stalls anywhere between 500Mb and 2Gb. 2. iPod will not unmount/eject through iTunes and disappears from My...
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    What to do when hard drive space runs out?

    Thank you. Long time, no post. Everything has been working flawlessly for the last year. A new development has me scratching my head however. My latest additions to my CD collection have put me over the capacity of my hard drive on my Mac. I'm going to store my entire collection (80Gb) on...
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    What do all the topic symbols mean?

    I'm confused. As I am browsing the topics in The Lounge (All 6 of them!), I see symbols next to each topic such as: Some of these are displayed in a legend at the bottom of the page, but occasionally, I see other symbols (Such as an all orange envelope) that are not in the legend--how...
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    Why is [img] code turned off in signatures?

    Question for the super-mods / admins: Why can't we use the [img] tag in the signature section of our profiles? (Kurt I noticed you snuck your little icons in there... care to fill me in?)
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    Which PDA should I get?

    Ok, the iPad isn't cutting it anymore, so for the sake of conversation with the few that dare to lurk around here, I thought I'd ask for your opinions. I'm thinking of: Palm Zire 71, Palm Tungsten T, Sony Clie TG50, etc... I'm also interested in the PocketPC models (HP, Dell, Toshiba...) but...