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    Cases for iPod photo

    So, how are all of us iPod photo owners going to protect our investments? So far I haven't seen too many cases which will fit the iPod photo. Have any of you?
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    For Sale: Brand New 15G iPod 3G

    For sale: A brand new, never opened, factory wrapped, 15 gigabyte 3G iPod. I recieved it as a prize, but already own the same model (although i bought my model way back, when they first came out). I am asking for $235 US or best offer. Feel free to PM me through the forums if you have any...
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    Pod Ratings to PC

    Hey everybody. I just went and did the dumbest thing i could possibly do. I deleted my iTunes music library files, which were stored in my documents. I could have sworn i told it to keep those files in d:\music, instead of my documents, but it kept them there anyway. So now all of my song...
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    Question about Smart Playlists

    Hey, How can i make a smart playlist that will contain only 3,4,5 star rated Rap or R&B songs? I have figured out how to do 3,4,5 and either rap or R&B but i cant seem to combine the two. Any suggestions?
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    iTunes organzing my music folder

    Is there a way to tell iTunes how you want your music folder organized? It is very annoying to have itunes destroy my music folder by sorting everything into artist/cd/#-title.mp3 i like to have all the songs by an artist in artist and the names to be artist - song.mp3. This is the way that all...
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    Marware CEO Classic Pics

    Marware CEO Classic Pics / Review Hey, i got my marware CEO Classic, and i thought id share some pictures and a review. I only have the pictures for now, but a review is in the works: So far its looking good, but you will have to wait for my...
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    iTrip 3G update

    iTrip 3G I was talking to my friend at griffin technologies, and i found out what the delay for the itrip was. Here is the conversation. me: you guys are waiting for an updated firmware from apple arent you him: hehe :-) him: the secret is out it seems him: we're waiting for ipod update him...
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    On the go....

    Wow, i just discovered this yesterday. Lets say you have shuffle enabled on your ipod. If you load up a nice selection of songs on an on-the-go play list, and play the list you will find that when you go back to the listing of on the go songs (the play list view) that if you select a song...
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    Dock Port to Line out

    I just read about the Pocket Dock, i think its awsome someone came out with that, now i wish someone would come up with a similar device that converts the dock port into a line out, in a small package.
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    Belkin Autokit issues

    Hey, i posted about this a while back before people started getting Belkin Autokits, but now since a lot more people have them, im going to post again. I have an issue, when i plug my Autokit into my car's (Honda Accord V6 EX) lighter socket, after about a minute or so the audio will start...
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    I am looking at cases to get for my iPod (3g). There is the marawre CEO Classic case which i like a lot, and then there is the DLO Executive Podfolio. Are these 2 cases identical? What im looking for is a nicely stiched leather case for my ipod that completely encompases it and has a plastic...
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    Belkin Autokit

    I am selling one belkin auto kit for the new ipods with docks (has audio out with amplifier). It is brand new, never used, but is out of the plastic box in which it came in. I recieved 2 of these from the same store and only need one. Manual, whatever is left of the plastic box, charger, etc...
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    Ipod automatically mounting

    Hey, I love my ipod... its awsome. I have one issue with it though. When i get back home and am either tired or drunk i just want to be able to drop my ipod in the dock (letting it charge) and go to sleep. However, when i drop my ipod in the dock, it automatically mounts (in windows) and i have...
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    Car lighter

    I have (or soon will have) the new Belkin Car Charger. However, I also have a Radar Detector (my best friend in the whole world), and both will need to be plugged into my one car power socket (lighter). Is there some sort of 'splitter' or something that will allow me to use both? I don't know...