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    no space on mac to put tunes into itunes?

    okay so here's the thing.. i got my folder of all my songs on my windows pc transferred to the desktop of my mac. i tried to add the folder as a whole, and it wouldn't let me, something about being too much songs for the space.. and now i need help! i am trying to put songs on 1 by 1, and...
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    transferring songs to folders without hurting itunes?

    I was just wondering, as to how I am able to transfer songs that are saved to my computer, from one folder to another folder.. and not have to do all the relocating on my iTunes library. It's pretty important I keep the songs in my library as this is my primary music player, but I just cannot...
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    would LOVE a high capacity nano!!

    I'm really, really hoping that Apple cna bring out an iPod similar size to the nano, with a 30gig memory.. My old clunka 5g is currently struggling from the 'few too many' drops onto the concrete at school! It's too big to shove in my pocket, and it always seems to be first to go down? Will my...
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    The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth

    Anyone else absolutely LOVING ' First Impressions Of Earth '.. I am in LOVE! :)
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    the iDog. owners help?

    Well, I got given one for xmas, it does everything right - but.. it constantly flashes pink and bluie and says it needs love and music. itsb een dancing to music for like 15 minutes and is still flashing blue and i been pattin andhittin the nose of it sooo much and its still pink! WHAT IS...
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    Best Combo - WinAVI and PSPware

    I think these two are the best. If you have a .wma or whatever file, you convert it in WinAVI, convert it to .mpeg, then you convert the .mpeg to the .mp4 on PSPware (you don't need a psp for it to work, you just use the files it converts..) and if its .mpg just use pspware. its the...
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    i'm so sick of this.. itunes won't recognize ipod

    ok well i've already rang apple like 3 times for this #######.. i'm so angry, i refuse to pay $99 for something i shouldn't NEED to buy. First she wouldn't update. Then it wouldn't stop updating. Now iTunes doesn't even recognise it! What the hell has changed since, like Thursday night...
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    michael jackson..

    fan or what? hes awesome! love him.. his music is so funk.. love it. what about you guys?
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    got my ipod and the first the it does is.

    and the first the it does is.. I was fiddlin round with screen lock but said not to screen lock (cancel) and i plugged it into my computer as i had all the software on.. and its jammed, and i removed it and its still jammed and won't do anything and the backlight is stuck on and i have apple...
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    ipod fuzzy or just my eyes?

    im just playing with my mates white ipod nano.. and to me the colour screen (maybe im just used to my 4g's screen..) but it seems fuzzy, or as if like someone has breathed on it, and it's stuck. lol is this on yours.. or just hers?
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    australians who ordered..

    i rang apple. should .. * he made it clear thats it an approximate, but SHOULD be accurate* arrive between the 26th and the 31st of October. So Wednesday through to Monday. Dang I can't wait!
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    converting video files..

    i have a windows media file ( was given to me - don't know why its one of them ).. and i really would want it on my new ipod. how do i convert it??
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    itunes 6

    just downlaoded it, if i run the installer does that wipe my music library ... from my old itunes.. or does it transfer it? ta. sorry if its wrong spot
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    video files..sorry to be annoying

    i kinow its just another one of them posts but i wanna be sure that i can do this before i go out and buy one my movies are quicktime movies.. thats what it says.. and they play in quicktime.. will they work on ipod and how can i transfer file type thing ta
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    size... of it

    sorry to be annoying :) but .. what is the size of this new ipod like, compared to say - my 4g 20gb?? thinner? is it wider or thinner or what... thanks! oh and also, will it fit 20gb accessories (doubt it very much..)
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    How to copy from my 4g to friends nano

    Ok so.. I just got my friends brand new nano (with songs already on it) and she wanted me to put her cds on for her BUT the problem is i broke one of them.. and the only other place i have it is on my ipod.. and in my itunes so how do i get from my itunes, to her ipod.. without wiping...
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    itunes 5 updated 500 songs?

    Yesterday when i plugged me ipod in, it updated 500 SONGS!! i was like what ive only added 7 or something... i was kinda angry.. it took AGES.. why does it do this?
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    Shuffling when i don't want it to...

    Alright well I got 2 problems: First: When i AM playing it on shuffle, and i turn it off...when i turn it back on, its at a completely diferent song, halfway through or something, as if it never stopped.. but it was off!! Second: When I put it on the non-random still shuffles...
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    Maroon 5 - Live Friday the 13th

    On Itunes Music Store there is 'Maroon 5-Live Friday the 13th' but isn't in coming soon or anything in stores in AUSTRALIA. When will Australia get a music store dammit, there's so much stuff I want but it doesn't let me download...!! Um, yeah I was just wondering if anyone will / have...
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    A iSkin, except thinner.

    That's what I'm after for my 4g 20gb. I need a case, the same sort (silicon is it called) case, but it has to be much thinner thanw hat the iSkin is. Why, you might think that the thicker might have more protection but it's not that I'm after, I want one that is a bright colour (so I can't lose...