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    Who Actually Has Gmail?

    With all these recent topics about Gmail and Gmail invites, I was wondering how many of you actually have Gmail.
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    iPod and iHP-120 Comparison

    After having my G3 iPod for a while i started to realize how annoying some of its problems were. So i decided to switch. I eventually decided on the iRiver iHP-120. It has tons more features and a much longer battery life. From everything i read it seemed like a very nice player. But i do have...
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    Anyone Seen Talking to Americans?

    If your a Canadian then you might know what i'm talking about. Have any of you guy seen the CBC special by Rick Mercer called Talking to Americans. It has got to be one of the funniest shows i've ever seen. The main idea of the show is this comedian, Rick Mercer goes to the streets of American...
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    Could i have some feedback from people who have used I'm getting tired of using p2p services becasue of all the retaging and the rare but occasional fake song. I'm willing to pay the few cents a song. So how good are they? How fast are the downloads? And i don't want anyone...
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    Damn Spyware!!!

    Ok i know i've posted a very similar thread not that long ago but this time its worse. I was just typing up some social homework i have and then all of a sudden this thing appear in my taskbar that says installer. You can't open it or close it. Then it goes away. Then a few seconds later all...
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    Whats the difference in Photoshops?

    I've decided that i want to give Adobe Photoshop a try. Until now i've only used Paint Shop Pro, which is great if you know how to use everything. But i want to try Photoshop. There is no way that i can afford the full version of Photoshop, but i saw Photoshop Elements. It gets better. I just...
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    Woot! Free Digital Camera!

    Well i just got back from Best Buy where i got a free digital camera. All i had to do was listen to this extremly boring and useless presentation about digital music and windows media player 9. Not once did they mention anything about iPods or iTunes. So i had to step in and whip out my mini and...
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    Fast Forwarding?

    Well yesterday i think I experienced my first mini "glitch," if you wanna call it that. Heres what happened: I haden't used my mini since wednesday and i turned it back on for the first time on saturday. When i tried to play any songs they all played in a fast forward sort of mode. It was like...
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    Backlight not completly off?

    Last night i noticed something about my mini's backlight. It was almost pitch black and i turned on the backlight to change playlists. Then i held menu to turn it off. It didnt exactly go off. The after the real brightness went away, for about 2 seconds the backlight stayed on but it was...
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    #### Popups!

    I hate popups. Not the ones on the internet but the ones that somehow secretly download onto your computer. I guess i just got one of those. All theese popups have been comming up and tell me to get rid of them i have to buy a program caled jimmy surf. I tried to get rid of them using Ad-Aware...
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    International Music Store Usage

    Well i've run into a problem. I recently went to the USA and bought some of the prepaid gift cards from Target. I read a while back that you can use gift cards or certificates internationally to cheat the music store because you dont have to give your address when registering with them. Well...
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    xSkn for a Showcase?

    I have an electra xskn 2 for second generation 10GB ipods. I dont want it, so does anyone want to trade for a contour design shocase for gen 3 ipods. It must be in perfect condition and also include all the accessories it comes with. The xksn comes with the macclear case, belt clip and clear +...
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    Frost For Free

    I'm offering a 10/15/20GB frost exo to the first person to reply to this post. I got it instead of an ice, so i'm offering it. It comes with belt clip, macclear, and clear ishade. I'll ship it for free to anywhere in Canada and the US. SOrry, no overseas. :(
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    Xskn Review

    Xskn-2 Review This wont be a perfect review because I don?t have a gen 2 10GB. I got this one (or won it, whatever) for my dad, who has a gen 2 10GB. But he went on some business trip for like two weeks, so I don?t have his ipod to use to review it. But it just so happens that I still have my...
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    Xskn 2 review comming soon

    I have the privalege of testing the xskn 2 case. THe DHL guy came today but no one was home, so i have to wait until tomorow. But tomorow im going on this school camping trip thing until late friday night. So probably on saturday i will write a review of it. But sorry no pics, because my camera...
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    iPods at costco?

    I was at costco this afternoon and saw that they had the 30GB ipod. I didnt think that costco sold anything apple...ever. They were also quite a good price. $659. Thats Canadian. The regular price of a 40GB is $729. Just wondering if anyone else has seen ipods or anything else apple at costoco ever?
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    Get all of XP to look like itunes!

    I was bored today and was browsing a windows customizing website when i found a skin that made all of windows look like itunes! It nice. The site is: all you have to do is download a program called style xp and there are links on that site to it...
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    Whats this song called?

    Whats the song of the background music in that mitsubishi endevor commercial? The one where it shows it driving then quickly cuts to some kids watchting sponge bob in the back and says its perfect for families? Any know?
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    Shure E2c's in Canada?

    Are there any actual retail stores that sell them in Canada, preferably Edmonton? Or which websites that have them ship to Canada? I'd love a pair.
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    Why does it quit?!?!?!

    I have itunes set to sync automatically with my ipod. Once i open up itunes it reconizes the ipod syncs and just quits. Every time i open itunes with the ipod connected it syncs and quits. Help! Edit: oh yeah i just spent all night creating playlists and organizing all my songs and now they...