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    iPhone 4 failed to restore after update

    Finally got around to updating my girlfriends iphone 4 to iOS 5.whatever and it made the backup, did a successful install of 5 and then I went to restore it. Well it gave me something about error (-50) and a corrupt backup file. It did not give an error when making the file, I did not...
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    30gig classic issue

    I was trying to rip the music off of my ipod and back onto my laptop after a wonderful experience upgrading to 7 that lost all of my music and personal files(it was all backed up in a cloud storage system or w/e and it failed to retrieve the data and corrupted the original files.. wonderful eh?)...
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    Check the new project car

    Whats up everyone.. I still post and what not.. My iPod has been trouble free since day 1 as well( knock on wood) I bought myself a project car.... (headlights have been reinstalled, they were off the car to do some work on the front grill) I need to get an engine, repair a section of a non...
  4. S is being lame

    I am trying to go to the iPod page from the home screen.. the iPod screen just sits there and loads.. nothing else. Same thing happens when I use to go to it. All I want to do is check out the Nike + iPod thing...
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    I broke down and got one

    not to start a war or anything but.. I bought the PSP on a whim.. I did say to myself Ill buy it when the price goes down below 200$... So far I like it. The whole internet thing is cool
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    iPod boxes/ apple product boxes

    Who here has their apple product boxes on display? I soo do... I can't wait for my iMac so I can display the box as well czech it
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    My First experience with a Mac

    I switched into the TV productions class today because the teacher wants me in her class. Don't know why but I was like sure since its a room full of macs :D:D.. I get to use a G5 and or one of the iMacs. I will be using Garageband and the other sound/music program (name escapes me at the...
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    slight issue when unplugging

    when I unplug my ipod from the headphones or my stereo via the audio jack it will pause how its supposed to. but when i go to play again maybe an hour later(at work) it wont play music and the time is reset to 12:00... its getting rather annoying
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    itunes does not see the cd

    installed itunes on the other comp in the house.. some crappy new compaq that has wmp also... itunes is the default player but when i insert a cd it does nothing, the drive does not spin the disc, itunes does not see it, but wmp does...
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    itunes is hung up

    i am well was trying to download two episodes of the venture brothers, now the last two to be downloaded are stuck, one wont pause ,show its rate, or show activity, the other is giving an error message but now its "downloading" but showing the same symptoms as the other file
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    just got my 5.5

    drove to the mall at millenia and picked up a new white 30 gig .... and traded in my 1st gen mini for 10% off... i hope this thing lasts as long and gives me no problems like my mini did
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    crappy sound V7

    i just downloaded, restarted my comp and now im getting very very crappy sound... XP V7.. wtf?
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    moving collection to external HD?

    i have 2,134 songs and 15 music vids on my harddrive taking up about 7 ish gigs, im going to buy the 80 gig ipod this week and want to move my collection to an external HD.. preferrebly a 100 gig size. if i move any of my music all of a sudden itunes cant find it since i moved it, is there any...
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    Im Converting

    yep... im coming to the light side... leaving the dark and joining the cult of mac, ... i should have my macbook with the 2.0 ghz intel DC processor 60 gigs of memory 1 gig of ram... any suggestions? i think i might actually buy a refurb if avaliable but will buy new if i have too.i've read some...
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    is their a way to???

    control iTunes downloads 150% and monitor it? the reason being is that my school wants to integrate ipods to the learning spectrum and use avalable podcasts (like the french ecole or the algebra ones) as learning tools, but here is the thing... we need to have absolute control over downloads and...
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    thinking of switching

    im in the market for a new laptop within the next 6 months... here is what i need to run on the laptop autodesk architetechual desktop 2007 with Revit parametric modeling Inventor 11 Solidworks 06-07 and thats about it for programs that have to have windows.. from what i understand bootcamp...
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    great day

    im in the pc support class at school and we have 3 schools within one. the regular high school an IB and some other school for the spanish kids so there are 2 network admins one for each and work together on alot of stuff.. so here is what happened. i go get the mail today 4 decent size boxes...
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    battery dead after one year?

    ive had my mini since 1/17/05 little over a year . moderate use, never been dropped, never had any liquids spilled on it, nothing. and last night i was listening to my ipod on our way to go fishing in tampa bay. when we arrived i put it in the storage pocket on the seat in front of me. so when...
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    my mom ruined my gift card!

    my mom scratched the part your supposes to scratch off a lil to hard and now its made 3 letters and or numbers hard to distinguish!!!! i hate apple.. and their stupid scratch off idea.. if someone can post a pic of a uses 25$ card so i can see the letters.. i cant tell if its a T 7 P 1 I...
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    quick question

    my friend just got a shuffle and it wont play songs she put the cd formatted it imported songs put songs on it and nothing.. shes getting mad