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    Help me get to the bottom of this: iPod Mystery

    Ok, here is the story. My good friend bought a brand new iPod Photo. He decided he did not want it anymore. He decides to sell it to a trust worthy person/aquaintance we both know. Aquaintance comes back and says the iPod doesn't work, and it isn't even a colour iPod. I know for a fact that...
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    Redwood iPod: What a beauty! Some guy modded his iPod; check it out.
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    Talib Kweli

    I hear alot of good stuff from him, and chances have it that he is performing at Ottawa's BluesFest, which I am attending. Sadly, I have 0 songs from him, and don't touch rap, but since he gets alot of praise, I figure I'll download around 3 of his songs to see what I can expect. So yeah...
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    I have fallen in love with Kid A....

    Man what a great album. Probably one of the best albums of recent time. Everything in it's Right Place is an amazing started, all the way to Motion Picture Soundtrack, which finishes off the album beautifully.
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    Email is worse for yotu than Marijuana...

    According to a new study. Anyhow, I am all for legalization. Discuss.
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    Best concerts of ALL TIME! (56k Warning)

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Personally, I believe Pink Floyd puts on the best concerts of all time. No questions asked. I know the Beatles were the first to play Stadiums, but jesus. Pink Floyd has legendary light shows, and, well, THE WALL. Post some pics of...
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    P2P Unite!

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. It is basically a massive boycott of all media. Do not go to the movies, do not buy music, do not buy video games. Basically a stand, telling the...
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    Abient techno-ish chillout music

    Give me albums or really long songs please. Like those mellow abient "techno" songs to listen to when you are in..."alternative state of mind." Thanks.
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    You pet peeves?

    Mine has got to be grammar wh0res. You know who you are. The ones who bring themselve to the point of orgasm when someone accidently uses "there" instead of "their" on the net. What are "yuors"? :p
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    Source > Speakers

    Your source is alot more important that the speakers you have. Whether it be an iPod or CD Player, it is always the number one component to a setup. If your music sounds bad, encode it at a higher bitrate. In most cases, it isn't the speakers fault.
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    Sorry if this has already been suggested, I did a search but nothing showed up. I think that adding a Karma feature to iPodlounge would be excellent. It basically works like this. Everyone can give karma to other users. It basically builds reputation. The more Karma you have the more respect...
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    Post your ArtPad

    Here are mine: Frank from Donnie Darko WWII Picture To make your own, click Paint your own. Once done, click Save and Send but just click the "...I want a link anyways" button to get a link.
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    Gimmie some Jazz (Miles Davis)

    I have Miles Daviss Greatest Hits and love it. Any other CDs by him that are worth getting? Also, are there any other similar artists you girls/guys can recommend? Thanks.
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    Any Supertramp fans on these boards?

    Crime of the Century? Breakfast in America? Even in the Quietest Moments? In my opinion, they are an awesome band. Good for listening to when I overload on the Pink Floyd.
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    Want to know the "truth" about Hi-Fi and these raving "audiophiles"?

    Want to know the "truth" about Hi-Fi and these raving "audiophiles"? Read: 1. You do not need to be rich to afford equipment. 2. Everyone can hear "hi-fi" 3. Wattage means nothing. 4. Most speakers are delib. built poorly so the spec sheets can shine. I highly...
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    Quite an amazing band. For people who have no idea, it was the band Phil Collins drummed for then became frontman before he left. They were and still are an amazing band. Even more amazing are their legendary concerts. The albums in the Peter Gabriel era were more of a long story, like Dark...
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    Can someone give me a brief explanation on what they are, how to make them, how to import them? Thanks.
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    Best Radiohead albums? Eh?

    I need some new stuff to listen to, so hit me up. I have heard some stuff off of OK Computer and Hail to the Theif; both were great. For the real fans out there, what are some of their best albums?
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    iPod lag

    Is it normal for my iPod to get a bit of lag when moving/changing through songs fast?