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    Video Quality iPod 5G vs 5.5G (60GB vs 80GB)

    I have both the older and newer iPod 5G (the 60gb and the 80gb). It seems to me, that the video quality of the newer unit may have some problems and I'm trying to figure out if this is because I have a bad unit or if it's because of changes made to the screen or video processor. While a lot of...
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    Real Time Fast Forward & Reverse of Video

    I thought I had read that you could not fast forward and reverse video in real time but could only click on the center button and then scroll forward and back and then the video would "jump" to that spot in the video. Well, I tried holding down the fast forward button (next track button) and...
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    Lyrics Functions Differently on 5G vs. Nano

    Did anyone notice that the lyrics function on the 5G is different then the Nano? On the 5G, when you click on the lyrics, it will stay on that screen until you click off of it. On the Nano, when you click on the lyrics screen, it will revert to the "now playing" main screen if you don't keep...
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    Poll: 30 or 60 GB iPod Video

    For those who are actually getting the new iPod, are you getting the 30 or 60GB model?
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    .mov vs H.264

    My digital camera allows for movies to be recorded in Quicktime format. Does anyone know if these will work natively on the new iPod or does it have to be the H.264 format? If it does have to be H.264, is there an easy way to convert from a regular Quicktime movie to H.264? Thanks.
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    DVD Ripping Software Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend good and easy to use software to rip DVD's you own into the mpeg 4 or H.264 formats supported by the new 5G iPod?