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    Video from iPhone 4 to my PC - need help!

    So the good news is that the iPhone 4 shoots HD video. I have a large handful now which I can watch on the phone. The bad news is that I'm having trouble getting them to my computer (a Dell laptop running XP). The iPhone manual is very unhelpful saying only something like "PC: Follow the...
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    Forums loading "flush right" (ie, weird) - explanation?

    Just curious if there's an explanation as to why the forums pages appear flush right, and kind of "squished" (take up about half the page - on new Dell laptop with 1400+ horizontal pixels). Then - about half way down the page - the little orange iLounge icon/graphic appears flush left. This is...
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    Album Art - iTunes not seeing MC9 additions

    Last night, in MC9, I added a bunch of album art (the jpg file is saved into the album folder, then rt-click-->Image-->Add from file ...) - but then in iTunes the art doesn't show up for any of those files ... why not? I know how to add the art in iTunes - was using MC9 bc it will show me only...
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    Windows iTunes compared to MC9/10?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Adam - I'm posting this here as I just read your "guide to syncing ..." sticky and as you pointed me to MC9 a good while back, and often provided helpful guidance on the MC9 board, but I haven't see you there much (not that I've been...
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    MC and G4 ipods??

    Gee - so little action here in ye olde MC9 forums ... which includes me as well even though MC9 remains my preferred ipod app. I'm probably going to buy a new G4 ipod - for the 40GB capacity - what does that mean in terms of staying with MC9. I'm not necessarily opposed to moving up to 10 (ie...
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    FireLite drive (ext) tune w/Mac iTunes?

    FireLite drive (external) w/Mac iTunes - YES!! I've browsed around looking for info ... several thread seemed close, but I can't get it ... Here's my situation - I have just copied all my music files from PC laptop to a 60GB FireLite drive (to back them up) and was thinking it would be cool to...
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    How to retain ipod play/smartlists?

    Here's my situation - w/out covering ALL of my bases in terms of saving data (including MC9) - I embarked on one of those periodic reformatting the hard drive and starting anew (why it happened this way is a story in itself - but not a crisis thank heavens, all critical data was copied). Anyway...