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    FM - Volume Queries

    I recently borrowed an iTrip auto which I quite liked, easy to use and it charged the ipod as well. The problem is, it was rather quiet and I had to turn my car radio quite high to enjoy it. Now, is this common among FM transmitters? Does anyone know of ones which are much louder? Thanks.
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    iTunes Runtime Error + Library Gone

    I am utterly confused, this is the second time iTunes died on me without me even restarting the PC. What happened this time was, I tried to open it but it gives me the following error: Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe R6025 -Pure virtual function call And then...
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    There must a easier way! Missing files!

    Hello there! I recently added some songs into iTunes but I forgot to consolidate my library so they were all in the same place. Something happened however and a small selection of songs have moved to a different folder. And now I have about 50 songs with the exclamation mark next to it. Is...
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    Reinstalled Windows

    I just installed windows onto a new hard drive and i had to reinstall iTunes as well. I had a look for this problem in the FAQs and tutorials but I can't seem to find one relating to this. Anyway, new windows, new iTunes and new HDD. I reinstalled iTunes and of course, there was nothing in my...
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    Weird Playback

    Ever since upgrading to iTunes 7, whenever I play music, there are many problems. Sometimes the music stutters, sometimes it slows down a lot then speeds up again. It's basically listening to one of those incredibly corrupted mp3 files, but they all worked before! Anyone know what's wrong?
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    Just in Time debugger?

    Everytime I open iTunes, I get the following error: I've tried reinstalling, even getting the new iTunes but it's just not working!! I had this problem a while ago but I thought I got rid of it. Anyway to turn it off forever?
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    Changing Drive Letters...

    So! All my music was on my D Drive and quite simply, it is now called my F drive... iTunes is obviously look in the D Drive still for my music, how will I go about readding all my music? I could do it manually but it'll take quite a long time to browse for every song...
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    New Firmware?

    So I was just wondering, the iPod 5G is on firmware 1.0 right now. Soon enough, Apple will update the firmware but what can they do? For example, one slight problem with the 5G is the lag issue. Can this be fixed through a firmware update? Can the iPod support more codecs through a firmware...
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    MF Scratches

    Has anyone else got scratches on the back of their MF iPod? I've got small ones just under the word iPod. I used to get these scratches on the 4G as well in that area. But when I peel it back, it's still very nice. No scratches at all. Has anyone else got scratches on their MF?
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    So Source File queries.

    I used Videora for iPod to convert some TV episodes into 320x240 250kbps. Basically, the lowest setting in the H.264 since each episode is only 55mb (thus fitting into the ram) and the quality is still amazingly nice. However, I did originally used 0.8 for 3/4 of the videos, so I only have 44...
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    iTunes > iPod Problem

    So, I converted loads of shows over the past week and I finally got my iPod. However, only 44 of the 206 videos transfer over. I encoded them all with the same program, same bitrate etc. And I have no idea why they aren't going! I even made a playlist containing all the videos, then made it...
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    Quick UK Delivery Query [Urgent]

    Hi! I was wondering, if they used TNT, do they send using TNT or do they go to UPS? Also, do they deliver on Saturday?
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    Silly Apple - Warranty

    I theoreotically don't get the full 365 days warranty because I haven't got it yet! :((
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    So where are they coming from?

    So I understand that most iPods are being delivered from somewhere in Asia, I can't remember. However, I do remember someone said that they're shipping some from Europe, has anyone got theirs from Europe?
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    Preparing Shipment - Cancellation.

    My iPod is currently in the 'Preparing Shipment' stage meaning it cannot be cancelled. If I was to though, I'd have to send it back. The problem is, I'll most likely have to wait another week before it'll get here, and I quite basically, even if I do sound brattish, I want one now! I rang my...
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    Apple Store UK

    What's the latest news on the availability of iPods in the UK Apple Stores? This week is the week they should be coming in. Anyone checked theirs yet?
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    Battery - Videos

    If say you had a 60gb iPod. And every video you had was 64mb or smaller. Wouldnt you get more battery life out of it than if ever file was bigger than 64mb?
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    Have you received your iPod?

    I was just wondering which iPod people have got and to see if there are any patterns! Just a general observation. If you haven't received yours yet, just ignore it :)
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    Regarding the Syncing

    Is it possible to just sync music automatically, but not to sync video?
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    60gb > 30gb

    Anyone older than 1 should know that. But what do you think is better? Before, I chose the 20gb because it was cheaper, smaller, and I didn't have so many songs. But now it can watch videos, I need a lot more room, also, it's still smaller than a 4G 20gb! (right?) The only problem is that...