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    Battery replacement but connector is reversed??

    I have a replacement battery for my Classic Ipod. The existing battery lead is yellow black red with the yellow on the outside edge. My replacement battery leads are reversed and the connector only goes one way round. HSABAT 1400mAh 616-0206 Battery For Ipod Classic 4th gen / Photo U2 A1059 20...
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    New battery dead within hours

    I bought this from Battery Upgrade a company based in Netherlands. I checked the label and traced the company on the battery to a Dropshipper in China, surprise surprise. The reseller has no idea of the quality of the battery as they never even see them. They have offered to replace the battery...
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    New battery dead within hours

    I have secured a new battery for my wife's classic 30gb iPod vintage 2005. Mine classic is a couple of years older and I bought a new battery in USA many years ago in anticipation of replacing but it lasted years! I replaced it maybe 5 years ago and it is running fine. When I replaced my wife's...
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    Ipod Classic transfer back to Itunes

    That is very helpful. I need to check I have the settings correct before I go further. I do notice some very big files within the files I open and these are WAV I think so these need changing to something smaller. I originally copied all my tapes via RIPVYNIL which has long disappeared but it...
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    Ipod Classic transfer back to Itunes

    I have looked at all the alternatives and cannot get third party software to copy songs off Ipod to WIND10 PC. I managed to get into the Ipod control and accessed the songs. So I am busy copy and pasting the contents back into the Itunes library. I do not see a way to open all the files and copy...
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    Classic adapter into lightning connector

    I did buy an adapter that says charges classic Ipod but it does not charge it or play through it. When I connect my Ipod to the adapter it goes into "do not disconnect" mode and you cannot play anything as it is then locked?? Is that correct. My wifes later model classic seems to charge as the...
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    Classic adapter into lightning connector

    I have a music player Ipod dock which now have a male lighting connector to mount the Ipod /Iphone. There are adapters for older classic ipods with 30 pin connector but I heard some do not work. Any advice on a female lightning adapter to Ipod classic 30gb please? I think it is beat to use a...
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    Old old classic not charging

    My very old 20g classic has suddenly stopped charging. It has the original battery. I bought a spare battery many years ago but never used it! Today I had the battery charging symbol which was static ie not scrolling so not charging. I also get a battery logo with an ! over it which is new. I...
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    Ipod classic "cannot read or sync" message

    I have not used Ipod thru MAC for a while. When I did I get the "cannot sync" message. I have my music library but it plays random tracks not the Playlist I am using. MAC has been a PITA after Mavericks but maybe I just need to tweak something? Thanks so much
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    Lost library

    I have a classic Ipod which lost it's music. (Synced with empty Itunes?) The music was in hidden files on PC which I copied to Itunes "media" and they were also deleted. I had already copied these files to a separate hard drive. There is 16GB of music files but how do I convert or send them into...
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    Reset and now half a battery sign and beeping

    My daughters Ipod classic went into hibernation. I reset using the top and centre buttons and it came alive again but was beeping. The battery sign came up and the do not disconnect message then froze at half charged sign. Is it dead??:(
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    Different disc space used on harddrives

    I have an Ipod classic 20 GB with about 2000 songs using 14 GB but on my laptop i have similar number of songs using 7 GB. So i am guessing some of the songs on the Ipod are not converted to AAC format? Is that likely and how do i easily rectify which songs are not converted. I am not an expert!
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    Airport Express breaking down

    Having finally gt my Express working i am now finding that the signal is breaking down as songs played from my laptop are getting intermittant breaks. Not happening through laptop speakers. Any ideas how i repair please?
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    Converting to AAC off the Ipod

    I have some WAV files on my Ipod which i need to convert to AAC but when i right click on the songs there is no option to convert. How do i do this please/
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    Having trouble copying to library

    I have transferred my Itunes music from my Ipod to my laptop. All the music is now in folder in my music. How do i copy all this music into my Itunes library in one go as i am not doing it correctly.It just loads songs individually. This must be easy for someone?
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    Deleted library - whoops!!

    Well i read all the info on transferring my Itunes music from my p/c tp my external harddrive. I copied my library by changing the drive letter and then consolidated my library. I checked that various songs were located on the "f" drive by clicking on a song in itunes and looking at "get info"...
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    Cant turn it off!!??

    I just fitted an in car link for my friends 4gb ipod, simply plug and play but now we cant turn the ipod off. It still does everytning it should except it wont turn off. It is the same if connected to the car or not. Any ideas please? Thanks
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    lost my music once wave files deleted

    Having copied tapes into wave files i cannot copy the music from the itunes library once the original wav file is deleted? Itunes says it cant open the file but i have to delete the wav files as my disk is full. So the files are not being converted to AAC i assume? Do i have to copy files onto...
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    Importing from pc - easy question!!

    I am in process of copying all my cassettes to the Itunes library but find i can only copy one file at a time. I am using RIP vinyl to copy to my music into WAV.File but this gives a new file for each track and then i can only drag one file over to Itunes at a time "importing". How the hell do...
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    logic3 and Ipod video compatibility

    Simple question - is the Ipod 30gb video compatible with the Logic 3 i station dock?? Other forums say yes, PC World say no, other sellers have mixed options so i can't be sure? Is it a simple question? Many thanks:confused: