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    Anyone play DotA here?

    So does anyone here play DotA?
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    Favorite Bassist?

    My favorites are: First the guy who got me into playing bass, Matt Freeman Of Rancid Next is Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers Jesse F. Keeler of Death From Above 1979 Gordon Moakes, Bloc Party Krist Novoselic, Nirvana And Of Course Dee Dee Ramone And Paul Simonon.
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    Necksets or behind the head-headphones

    Can anyone recommend a good neckset or behind the head headphones?
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    Favorite Cartoon Baby

    Who's your favorite cartoon baby, mine's Definitely Stewie from The Family Guy. He's just so funny, and his lines never fail to make me laugh.:D What's better than a 1 year old super intelligent baby who has plans of world Domination.:D
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    Over-exposed bands

    A thread for people to discuss over-exposed bands. As for me, Nirvana is definitiley one of the most over-exposed bands, but that doesnt mean they suck. They still rule even with all the exposure. That's why they wrote the song "In Bloom." R.I.P. Kurt.
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    Best simpson's guest star?

    Mine's the Ramones, what's yours?
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    Shortest yet large Library?

    Short yet large Library? Check my signature. Anyone else has a short yet large library?
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    hold switch?

    Why did my hold switch get chipped and something white appeared, I thought the hold switch was all metal?
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    Linkin Park? Boy Band Or Rock Band?

    So are they a boy band or a rock band? As for me, definitely a BOY BAND!
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    bands like bloc party?

    can anyone recommend other bands like bloc party?
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    Do you still consider these bands as "indie"?

    Are bands like The Libertines Interpol Franz Ferdinand Bloc Party Modest Mouse And the likes are still "indie" even if they're on a major label?