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    Who want's to try an obscure japanese dog game for free?

    And your a windows user? Anyway I cant tell if its a "Dogstation teaches typing" or just a plain ol preview of Konami's arcade game "Dogstation", so here is the link.
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    Smart Playlist Help.

    I am trying to make my "Ultimate Gorillaz" smart playlist. I can sucsessfully add "Gorillaz" and all oftheir songs show up, but if I add "Del" for Del Tha Funkee Homosapian (I have different songs that spell it differently, this is why I just use Del) as a seccond line to the smart playlist, no...
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    Filtered word.

    May I ask why the word "G*A*Y*" is filtered? Although it can be used as an insult (use of the word stupid, which is highly ignorant), sometimes the word has come up in legitimate context.
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    The iPod and daylight savings.

    Will my iPod automatically change the time overnight?
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    Just a question about the Belkin pack.

    My friend is letting me borrow his for a trip im taking. I read the back of the packaging that it isn't compatable with Disk Mode. What exactly does this mean?
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    Just an idea/sugjestion.

    It would be nice to have a poll that all of the forum members should answer if their iPod screen has cracked. People are saying that the iPod screen is too fraglie and people think that this is what is going on with all of the screens.
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    Kindof neat. Matte backing.

    If you go over the back of the iPod lightly with brasso and a q-tip, the result is that reflections might look washed out or sort of like a matt finish. Just something I would like to share. It is barely noticable, but if you look at it well enough, or long enough, you notice it.
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    Contour iSee question.

    I just bought one. Is the clear jacket supposed to look all streaky? Thats how mine came.
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    The iPod *IS STURDY* people!

    Well I was just out, and I dropped my iPod. I was pulling it out of my pocket by my home made iPod sock (mistake) and it fell out on the floor. It fell face down on the floor, a hard floor. No scratches, no loss of features, nothing. The front of the case popped off slightly, and yet it still...
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    Perfect for you guys on your 400th strait our of everquest 2! WHY?!?!?! IS THE PHONE TO HARD TO USE? IS STOPPING THE GAME TOO HARD?? Im sorry, this just angers me.
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    I just got my replacement, replacement buds today...

    ... And I ordered them yesterday. I ordered them yesterday at around 5PM Central time, and I got them today in the US mail. Last time I had to send my old ones back, but this time I didn't. I Wonder why. I got these in less then a day! I Live in wisconsin, how did this happen??
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    XBOX owners look here! Recall alert. I still hate the xbox, but here is a recall for you owners of the xbox. The powercord might start on fire.
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    Anyway way of doing this to an iTrip? This is a tunecast 2 extension thing. I wonder if anyone has done this to the iTrip.
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    The latest Free Song. Best yet!

    And to think I was going to buy this song 3 weeks ago! Walking With A Ghost - Tegan and Sara. Go download it now in iTMS.
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    Im soo angry... I shouldn't have to replace every 1.5 months.

    Im on my third month owning an iPod, and now my headphone jack is dieing. This is my seccond iPod. I really dont want to get this replaced. This is annoying me, Why should I pay $360 (Apple care) for this device if it always breaks? My first iPods clickwheel died (Well, I sort of killed it, but...
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    The iSkin is *really* making me angry.

    I used to love it.. But now I hate the fact that I have to clean my iPod to keep my case from ruining it. The back is fine, that just whipes off with some cleaners, but its next to impossibile to get the silicon (its blue, and stuck on the iPod) off of the front of the case, they are annoying...
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    Hi.. This Genius Bar worker is disgusting!

    My earbuds where broken, so I stopped at our local store. He confirmed that they where broken, so he whent back and handed me a pair. They where *not* wrapped in any packaging. They where dirty. They had used felt pads on them They had ear wax on them. They where used from a unit being sent...
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    iPod Shuffle Accessories *COMPATABLE* With Fourth Gen...

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but, I would like to know how well the USB wall charger works with the FourthGen iPod (Its half the price of the firewire one) and how well the iPod Shuffle battery pack works with the fourth gen iPod. If anyone can run some tests, that...
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    Very unrealistic play counts.

    According to my top 25 played songs, it says that I have played "Keep Hope Alive - The Crystal Method" and "Proto Culture - Del Tha Funkee Homosapian" 1885628525 times each. This is very unreal, especially since I rarely listen to these songs. What happend?
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    *Got smudges from your Silicon Case (Like the iSkin) I found a way to clean!**

    Yeah, iZack could try this... All you need is to get an Orange Clorox Kitchen whipe. Whipe this on the back (and front, skipping around the clickwheel) and you will see some streaks. Get some foam spray glass cleaner, and spray on to a cloth. Whipe this cloth onto the streaks, and your iPod...