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    How to Force Proper Ordering of book chapters

    a PM to me: I am assuming you have created audio books with separate chapters, with each chapter having a different title. Naming convention is one way. Place the book name first in each song name slot (Highlight>R Click>get info> info>name, artist, album name) followed by the chapter...
  2. R Wish List & Your Media Collection, Kindle, Audible Wish List

    Amazon's Wish List Useful for noting Kindle and The Kindle has led me to find a very valuable resource for all my books -- audio, Kindle, and print. Amazon's wish list allows Personal annotations. So, I am transferring my active wish list there. Visiting an Amazon book listing...
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    Work around for Renamed m4b files to show in Audiobooks Library

    Only ripped files with an m4b (frequently renamed from m4a) will play slower/faster and show in Audiobooks Library. After renaming, you must delete and add the renamed files back to iTunes to get them to show in Audiobooks Library. An mp3 made to bookmark will not play slower/faster nor show in...
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    Interesting: The Motley Fool on what might do with Audible

    Link to Motley Fool Analysis (click here) Amazon has acquired 87 % of Audible already, so the acquisition is a forgone conclusion.
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    Free Xmas Celebration Origin Lectures from Teaching Company

    Dear Robert, Season's greetings! To thank you for being our customer, we have specially commissioned two holiday lectures by Professor Patrick N. Allitt. Our free gifts to you, "Christmas in Victorian Britain" and "Christmas in 19th-century America," are available for download or streaming...
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    Tunes v7.1.1.5 will not play m4a SoundTaxi files created by prior version.Workaround

    Newest version of iTunes ( shows some homemade audiobook m4b files(usually only the first file if there are multiple files) created with SoundTaxi at 0:00 time and will not play these files. Prior version (7.0.1, I think) of iTunes showed m4b books at 0:00 but would play and show the...
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    Vista not yet compatible with iTunes

    Vista not yet compatible with iTunes. Is IE 7.0 compatible with Download Manager? Wondering if IE 7.0 is compatible with Audible Download Manager.
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    Waterproof iPod case and headphones? Does this work?

    I have always told friends that it is unfortunate that swimmers cannot exercise and listen to audio books. This product suggests otherwise to the depth of three feet. Anyone have or know of successful experience? Picked it up with an iLounge banner ad.
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    iLounge Around the World Photo Gallery Banner picture

    This iLounge Around the World Photo Gallery Banner picture is a very clever play on one of the oldest advertising themes around. Do you get it? Took several sightings for me to get it. Maybe you are not old enough to have seen it to remember. Think RCA. If you cannot make the connection...
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    FAQs & Helpful Links & step-by-step guides.LOOK B4 U POST!

    Introduction: Frequently asked questions about audiobooks, converting CDs, MP3s as they relate to iPods. Your iPod will play and hold many audio books, a lot of music, photos and videos. A typical ten-hour book uses 140 mb of storage. Even the smallest Nano has plenty of room for several...
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    How to "Rent" Audio CD's from for under $10

    How to "Rent" Audiobook CD's from for under $10 I recently bought an audiobook 16 CD set of Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, (not available from, NetLibrary, or OverDrive) from, used, for $24.95 + $3.49 shipping. After converting to m4b file and listening to the...
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    NY Times reports on Audible Air -- wireless from

    A Marriage of Bookshelf and Phone - New York Times ... But to appreciate its significance, you must first understand how Audible works. offers digital "books on tape" for the intellectually inclined. Today, 600,000 people listen each month to ...
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    Why iPod Nano is perfect for Audio Books

    4GB is Perfect for audio books. After holding a nano in the Apple store the first week of nano introduction, I fought the urge for only one week more before I just had to have one and gave in. It is just perfect for audio books, half a day or more of music, ALL Outlook Contacts and Calendar...
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    iTunes 5.0.1 now available for download

    Wow, that was a quick version. Perhaps all the problems with 5.0 caused some grief at Apple HQ and they fixed some of the lock up problems. Say what?
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    Guide: Converting audio book files,CDs,& mp3s with iTunes5+ to Bookmarking iPod files

    Guide: Converting audio book files,CDs,& mp3s with iTunes5+ to Bookmarking iPod files Step-by-step iTunes5+ simplified and advanced converting audio files, CDs, mp3 to bookmarking files The blue text in this post is the step-by-step of the now relatively simple iTunes5+ conversion from mp3 to...
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    Harry Potter available from iTunes Music Store but not

    Harry Potter is now available from iTunes Music Store (but not from for prices ranging from $249 for full set of 7 to $33 to $50 (Half-Blood Prince) for individual books. ITMS is advertising as an exclusive. These are Jim Dale narrated. See ebay for used or new CD versions that you...
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    Every audiobook on audible SALE $9.95. No exceptions! & as result Site is SLOW!!!

    Get ready to save big at Audible's $9.95 sale. Every audiobook on our site, regardless of price, is now just $9.95. No exceptions! Stock up on all your summer reading favorites, from health and fitness titles, to chilling mysteries. Then grab your audiobooks and hit the beach, the road, or...
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    Guide 8. Audio Recording soft-, share-, freeware:Audacity, Total Recorder, PolderbitS

    Any one of Audacity Freeware (OS X or PC), $12 Total Recorder PC shareware, or 30 Euro Polderbits PCsoftware will capture sound from audio cassettes, LPs, computer played programs, etc, directly or indirectly into mp3 files which can then be converted manually using iTunes (mac with iTunes and...
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    All in One Shareware to convert CD, MP3, WAV to bookmarking files and place in iTunes

    I am pleased to on behalf of David1951, who has gone to bed after an all nighter to finish the shareware coding, the following incredible $15 shareware that does it all! This is beta version, but tested by several of us iPodloungers. It is amazing in its simplicity and comprehensiveness...
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    Guide:MarkAble Shareware. EZ merge/convert CD/MP3/WAV to bookmarking

    All-in-one $15 MarkAble for PC Shareware (link) merges, converts and renames mp3, audio CDs (with a super-easy audio CD wizard), wav, into bookmarking m4b or mp3 iPod files, adding the resulting file(s) to your iTunes Library. With minimal user involvment, MarkAble selects appropriate iTunes...