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    3rd party docks and jailbroken ipod touch

    basically i have a logic 3 dock for my old ipod classic and it doesn't work with the touch, is there any hack to remove that restriction so i don't have to buy a brand new one? thanks? i have tried looking in google and all that comes up is a dock in the itouch menu, really annoying!
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    ratings left on my ipod but not in itunes

    basically my pc caught a virus and i had to reinstall windows and that includes itunes aswell, my old ratings are still on my ipod but not in itunes as it's a clean install, is there any way i can restore all the rating from my ipod into itunes?
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    ipod classic not syncing properly

    basically when i connect my 80gb ipod to itunes it will sync fine but then eject the ipod automatically, i leave the ipod connected and for example if i edit a few tags and want to update the ipod, i right click and sync, itues says it's syncing but when i look at the ipod screen nothing is...
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    ipod classic with new hifi

    i want to buy a new hifi as my old one is showing it's age, only problem i have with this new hifi is the audio sockets, on my old hifi i have "audio out & and audio in" (both red and white) on the new hifi i am buying it has only "audio line in" (white one) and that's it, will the sound suffer...
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    album art will not show in itunes

    but does show in the preview box in the bottom left hand corner and when i right click and select "get info" pictures of what i mean here: help! what do i do to fix it? i've tried to restart the computer, re import all my songs and update to the latest itunes, none of that works :( album...
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    Logic 3 universal dock video review

    anyone want to all around cheap dock for their ipod classic and not sure which one to buy? check out my review located here
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    MP4 files will not play in iTunes

    at all, all i get is a white screen when i play them in quicktime and itunes itself, google gets nothing on this issue like always, any ideas what the problem could be? the music videos won't play properly, when i double click on another song nothing happens and the song name just gets...
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    PS3 freezes when ipod classic is plugged in!

    basically when i had my old ipod video 60gb it plugged into the PS3 fine and i could access my music files even though it was tedious when the mp3 files were not named properly. but now when i plug in my ipod classic, the PS3 completely freezes, i can't access nothing on the PS3 while it's...
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    Updating ipod in parts

    right now i have 10GB worth of music on my HDD and 3GB of HDD space left on the computer but later on when i want to upload more songs i will run out of space, i was wondering if there is a way to upload the songs in parts to the ipod to save space on my computer's HDD or would i have to invest...
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    certain album on ipod play diffrent songs

    it's one particular album when i check the tracks they are listed wrong and play the wrong song, do you think it's the mp3 tags that are messed up? it dosnt' happen with other songs.
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    itunes update songs quick question

    i have just finished updating half of my music collection to my ipod but i still have a way to go, i have all the songs that i recently added backed up to DVD's in itunes but i was just wondering, is there a easier way to add the songs to my ipod instead of having to automatic update then manual...
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    rename tracks on the ipod

    i am a regular user of media center but there was a problem with renaming tracks so i used itunes to rename the tracks. i used media center to put all my album art on my mp3s, and as soon as i use itunes the dam program deletes many hours of work, it was good that itunes sorted out my renaming...
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    a few quick questions for a new ipod user...

    just got my ipod in the mail this morning and i am very cautious about installing all the software correctly because all of the horrible problems i have been hearing about ipod not recognised on this forum e.t.c, so i want to ask a few questions before i end up with a £300 paper weight...