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    I cant change my gmail password

    i had to verify the change a different way through my Apple messanger… Im sorry about all this. im in the middle of changing my passwords. it always good to do that every few years. but now it seems these social apps have a problem with changing your passwords…🤷
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    Interesting Facebook problem…

    i changed my Facebook password successfully.. now i get this:
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    I cant change my gmail password

    Sorry for all these replies but i’m discovering new problems… i’m on my mac and it needs my new passwrd and… it’s doing the same thing the youtube app is doing.. why why why????
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    I cant change my gmail password

    and everytime i open it youtube will not load the prompt page… WHY??🤷🤷
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    I cant change my gmail password

    it says i have to open Youtube to click yes but everytime i do it stalls and won’t load. it just stalls like this with the circle twirling… why??
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    Battery question

    i just want to show you, i know i have a reputation here but i just now had to charge it was down to 25% in less than 6 hours. i never seen it like this on the graff before.
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    Why can some images not be found on the internet.

    there are some images im trying to find on the internet that are not showing up. i have the images but i was looking for maybe bigger or better copies. im using Google image search and Tinyeye. i read where if an image that is on the internet is not indexed, it will not show up in the search...
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    is my music MP3s safe?

    i’m in the middle of a stressful move and in this move i have lost all my CD collection including 2 box sets, BUT i did manage to rip almost ALL my entire CD collection on to my computer, put them on pen drives as MP3s, then put them on other pen drives and multiple copies, at least 2 or 3, put...
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    Can i hide sent emails?

    i know i can delete sent emails from the sent box but when someone responds to them they’re back under thier reply message. is there a way i can get rid of that. i’m trying to share the email with someone without them seeing what i wrote, only what they wrote. is that possable?? i could take a...
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    Why am I getting multiple “Disc 1”s??

    All the tags are the same.. And i just tried to post imsges it keeps saying “It’s too large”🙄 Now why is it doing THAT🤷‍♂️😖😡😡 Why is it dividing one disc into several discs and why can’t I post images to show you exactly what’s going on? ANSWERS PLEASE 🥺
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    How do i prevent Tik Tok in my email?

    i’m trying to unsubscribe to TikTok to my email. It does no good to delete the app when you still getting emails. I tried to delete the app but i was still getting emails and i di have the option to unsubscribe like i woukd normally to do with other emails, so i reloaded Tik Tok again and see if...
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    My mac battery is draining

    I charged my battery last night. this morning it was still 100% and now it’s 38??🤷 I am charging my ipad on it. Could that be a factor?
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    Very slow transfer speed..

    why is my USP port on my mac having so many problems???
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    Very slow transfer speed..

    it turned out it was the USB drive. but now i have another problem less serious but could be a problem in the long run. i was testing my other pin drives and on sone everytime i try to eject i get this error message i don’t even open the the drive and it still says this. i have to force eject...
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    Very slow transfer speed..

    how do i get to System preferences?
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    Very slow transfer speed..

    i’m just going to post a pic and please answer me why it’s taking so long. it’s been over an hour… pics from my mac computer to a pin drive… why is it taking so long?? it shouldn’t take this long…
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    Sony blu ray remote app?

    i’m at my sisters, i’m probably gonna stay here awhile. they have a sony blu ray player but they lost the remote control. i was trying to find a sony blu ray remote app on my phone but the only one i found it could not recognize the player and to manually add it i had to press the home button on...
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    important issue involving internet banking.

    Believe it or not, im just starting to learn it. i basically share a bank account with my mom is getting weaker and weaker in years. my mom never had an apple device or compute. she was born a windows hp, she’ll die windows hp.. she does.. or DID her banking on it. i was to put a USAA app on my...
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    my Mac keeps losing sound

    this happens a lot. the volume is even up all the way not muted yet there's no sound. I try ALL things music, YouTube, Netflix, anything that uses sound... nothing. I always have to restart it for the sound to work again.