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    Legitimize Track

    Legitimize track was a neat apple script that could transfer information about an Mp3 and transfer play count and other data to a purchased/protected or ripped AAC file. It required one non-aac and one aac it always transferred to...
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    Song Summoner Trooper Job Strategy Guide!

    Archer: Has high agility and accuracy and attacks from afar with a bow 1. Long range regular attacks 2, 3, 4 squares I've seen 2. Weak against: Monk 3. Strong against: Knight, Mage and Solider. 4. Skills: Some elemental, some skill affecting status, occasional piercing 5. Movement = 3-4 spaces...
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    Trooper Creation in Song Summoner

    Does Trooper Creation have you pulling out your hair? Are you trying your hardest to figure out what the "system" is.... Well I'm here to tell you the system is essentially random. suck's doesn't it. Here is something That appears solid though. Every song on your iPod will make between 1-4...
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    iTunes store Terms have changed.... Interesting fine print

    So I just went to download the free pilot episode of Terminator : Sarah Connor chronicles and noticed that the iTunes Store Terms of Service has changed. I spent a little time purusing the terms, especially those of the rentals. It would seem as far as "syncing" rentals go, it isn't a sync...
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    iPod appears empty after upgrade to 1.2.2

    There appears to be a mild epidemic in the 1.2.2 update for the 5g/5.5g iPods that after the update after the iPod is disconnected the iPod will appear empty. Connecting back to iTunes, the contents can still be viewed, and the iPod does in fact appear full. If this happens to you, it appears...
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    Griffin Evolve

    Anyone pony up for this? I'm impressed by the iLounge review. I went to see one in person at Best Buy, and was taken aback by the rubber buttons and rubber back of the speakers? How does this seem to impact the quality of the system for $300? I really want one. It would easily replace my old...
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    iTunes 7.2 moving files find: More research needed

    Cheers all, You may all remember that we have said in the past that to move a file from it's location in the iTunes folder would cause iTunes to totally lose view of the file. I found something amazing in 7.2 today... I moved some TV Show files from my iTunes folder to the desktop and then...
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    Sometimes apple really burns me

    I just downloaded my pre-order of Maroon 5's "It won't be soon before too Long" I don't know how Apple can run such a shoddy system sometimes. First "Makes me Wonder" does not download with the album, you have to retag the album to get it in with the right album instead of it just being a...
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    Some Smartplaylists wouldn't live update on iPod: solved

    Greetings, If we all remember the snaffu in 2005 where smart playlists wouldn't live update on some iPods, I was happy it was fixed supposedly when I upgraded from my lovely 3g iPod (the 3G iPod was not affected during that time). To my dismay, though I noticed out of my few six smart...
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    Podcasts: error downloading, not enough privileges

    Cheers all, I just had a major hard drive crash and after restoring from my clone, my podcasts refused to update getting the error. Error downloading "episode". You do not have enough access privileges for this operation. It says to check the URL for correctness and that the network is...
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    A free video on iTunes

    I just found an ad for a free video on the iTunes front Haven't watched it yet, but is live from the today show. "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" Cheers, Stu
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    iTunes 6 Released. Post all comments here

    Please post all comments here on iTunes 6!
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    iTunes 6 Released. Post all comments here

    Welcome to the official iTunes 6 Thread. Installing now.
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    iTunes 5 updates songs on iPod everytime

    It would appear with the iTunes 5.0 and 5.0.1 any songs played in iTunes between sync will be updated to the iPod. It is unknown if the entire song is being updater or just information about the song. It is unknown if this is related to the update itself or just iTunes 5. The library has changed...
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    Marvel overpower

    Did anyone use to play, or still play Marvel Overpower CCG? I just found my old collection of cards in my closet. I'm enjoying the retro feelings of times back in the late 90s making crazy teams of super heros to try to beat my friends other crazy combination of Super Heros. Favorite deck...
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    Corrupted playcounts and/or ratings after 4.9 upgrade

    Please see the following threads for helpful information
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    Trouble Shooting More songs in Library than on iPod issues

    Greetings. Yesterday I had the dreaded fate of trying to find out why there was one more song listed in my library stats than listed on my iPod stats. The horror. I found out because I moved to a new system of complete/partial/single smartplaylists and an attempt to "Sync selected playlists...
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    The Perishers

    Cheers all, I'm digging this weeks single of the week over at iTMS USA: Any comments? I'm considering buying the rest of the EP associated with it. Any one have their full album? Comments...
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    iBook G4 users. CD-ROM...

    Hey fellow iBookers Does your slot loading CD-Rom catch the CD right away on insert? How far do you have to insert before it takes it in. I have to push it almost all the way in before it catches. IT has been suggested that this may be faulty. Comments? Thanks, Stu
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    New Lit Album in Stores tomorrow!

    I am VERY excited about this. If anyone hasn't listened to this group I recommend them highly. I went out of search of them after hearing their song "Over My Head" from the Major Motion Picture "Titan A.E." I like their sound and lyrics. I look forward to the new album. They have some streaming...