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    Food you just can't live without?

    So, I know most of the people on this forum, if not all, love food. I mean, without food (and liquids, of course), audio equipment would have to sustain us all by itself, and that's awfully big strain. So, what is the one food that you cannot live without? This can be anything from a steak to...
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    MTV = Musical Injustice

    So I watched the 2005 MTV VMA's recently, and Greenday cleaned house. I believe they won all 8 awards for which they were nominated. Now, I know that Greenday has been around for a long time and they can be called the only "real" punk band around since they have political tones in their music...
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    Embarassing Moments with Headphones?

    Anyone have any embarassing moments caused by having headphones on? My story: I was in school, and my history class had to go to the school library in order to do research for a project. I wanted to focus on the research and not get distracted by talking to people the entire period, so I put...
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    Review: Philips HE591 / HE592

    Philips HE591 = black Philips HE592 = white I used to own a pair of these headphones, but one of the earipieces got lost, so I couldn't use them anymore. Earlier today, I went over to Target and picked up another pair just because I missed these headphones. I was quite surprised. Philips...
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    Sony MDR-EX71SL Revelation

    I have had my EX71's for about 7 months now. They have performed pretty well for my tastes...or so I thought. I read review after review of people saying that the bass on these in-ear's to be too overpowering, and even muddy at some times. I for one never experienced anything like that- I...