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    iPhone music app playlist song highlighted red

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why some songs get highlighted red in a playlist. I don’t think more than one is highlighted, but I’ll look at the playlist and it looks normal, then I look again and a song is highlighted in a reddish pink highlight. I thought maybe it was to indicate...
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    iPhone, iTunes and iOS bugs that are BUGGING me!

    iPhone 6s Plus 128GB / iOS 10.3.2, but this happens on ALL versions of 10 as far as I can remember. 1) They STILL have not fixed the dropped audio issue. You know, when the sound suddenly just disappears, and Apple gives you a laundry list of things to try, even though they know damned well...
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    Why does iTunes insist on adding cloud music to my genius playlists?

    I'm getting really annoyed about this. I don't use iCloud, I turned it off on both the iPhone (6+) and in iTunes (12.3). Since the new music app in iOS SUCKS BIG TIME, and keeps losing my Genius playlists and also deleting them from iTunes, I create genius playlists in iTunes, then turn them...
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    iOS 8.0.2 issues on iPone 6+ and also a wish

    I am seeing some problems in iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone 6 + 128GB. I don't know if this is a facebook issue or iOS issue. When I am listening to music, and browsing facebook, if I watch a video that is on a third party website, when the video plays, it does not stop playing music. I hear the music...
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    Cannot search for MUSIC since OS4 update

    How do I search for music now that I have updated to OS4 on my 3G 64GB Touch? When I enter text, all that comes up is Search Web and Search Wikipedia. It's very frustrating!! :mad: I did a fresh restore (not from backup) and the propblem persists.
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    Bug in iTunes store HD Movies and Wishlists

    This bug has bitten me TWICE already. I miss the old style shopping cart where you can download everything at once, so I now add purchases to my wishlist. When adding HD movies to the wishlist, if you buy the movies with the BUY ALL button, you do not get the HD versions, you get the STANDARD...
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    iPod Touch 64G skipping songs and Genius Playlists

    This has been bugging me since I got my 64Gig Touch - songs are randomly skipped while playing. A song plays, it ends, goes to the next song, then immediately skips that song and goes to the next. It's not a problem with the song files, because if I go back, the song that was skipped plays...
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    I HATE the new PLUS upgrade process!

    I hate the way iTunes now makes you wait when you select "upgrade my library". Previously, when you clicked that, the music would be more or less immediately available for download. Now you have to wait for an email confirmation and click the link in the email, OR keep checking for music...
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    Classic - Scratch Resistant?

    So,a re the new Classics scratch resistant? I've cleaned my screen extensively, and no scratches! It LOVES fingerprints, though.
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    iTunes 7.1.1 released - ALREADY?

    I wonder what major glitch was in 7.1 that I just installed 3 days ago? Now I'm being asked to upgrade agian. Hmmm .... :confused:
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    I'm gonna SCREAM!!!!

    I'm trying to download ONE song and can't do it! It's impossible to do anything on there today.
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    Last Skipped - What's the point?

    I have set up all of my smart playlist to include LAST SKIPPED IS NOT IN THE LAST 5 DAYS. This just does not work on the iPod. These playlists also include LAST PLAYED IS NOT IN THE LAST 5 DAYS. All of my Smart Playlists have Live Updating enabled. If I completely play through a song, or FFW...
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    iTunes 7 - You can now copy songs BACK to Computer?

    I deleted a bunch of videos in Itunes 7 tonight as I already watched them. When I connected my 5G iPod, iTunes presented me with a message box stating "iTunes has found purchased items on the iPod "MY IPOD NAME" that are not present in the iTunes library. Do you want to transfer these items...
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    iTunes now does TV SHOWS!

    In case you're not aware, iTunes 7 can now properly tag TV sows :D :D :D
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    iSkin evo3 - VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    Got my iSkin evo3 (blue) today. Seems they lied in their advertisements about 2 things: 1) Scratch resistant face. That's a Lie! It had scratches on it when I was done putting it together. 2) Fit's in the Universal dock. Lie again! Maybe the 30Gig fits in the dock, but the 60Gig does not...
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    Hmmm... they must have REALLY improved the battery in 5th Gen

    I have TWO Black 60GB 5th Gen iPods. (I always buy a spare!). The 2nd one is in the box, with the plastic shield still on. Every couple of months, I take it out of the box and synch it. It's in PRISTINE condition. This is my backup iPod. What amazes me, is that I can keep it in the box for 2...
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    Nero 7 Updated TODAY!

    There's an update to Nero 7, and according to the release notes, Nero Recode now has iPod profiles! :D I'm downloading now, but will report upon testing.
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    Saturday Night Live - Gilda Radner will not transfer!

    I purchased most of the Saturay Night Live videos tonight, and all downloaded without a problem. They all copied over to my 60GB 5th Gen iPod, except for "The Best of Gilda Radner". I get an error that "Some videos were not copied, including "The Best of Gilda Radner" because this file cannot...
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    iTunes 6 Crashing when ripping

    I keep getting kicked out of iTunes 6 while ripping my CD's. I never had any problems ripping with any earlier versions. I can rip for a while, then in the middle of ripping a CD, I get the Windows XP error dialog "This program has caused a problem and needs to be closed" This is getting...
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    60GB Photo and latest updater (1.2)!

    I have searched and searched, and cannot find anywhere to get the 1.1 updater for the Photo/Color. Stupidly I updated to the latest 1.2 update for the photo because with iTunes 5 I was having trouble with songs being recopied over when the playcounts changed. Sometimes upward of 100 songs would...