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    Why am I having less memory on my iPad?

    Last night it said memory usage was 5 .07 . This morning it's 4. 74 I got rid of some pictures. It went back up to 5.14 . But now it's back down to 4, 74. WHATIS GoING ON? At one time I had 12 albums on my pad plus a movie and memory usage was 5 something. Now I probely can't even do that...
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    Ok, i. Gonna try something else.

    I'll try Safari. The iPads default browser. The only thing is. How do I import all my bookmarks onto Safari?
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    Have song on my iPod that's not on my iTunes or computer

    I wanted to mention this but kept putting it off. This is a positive thing. I accedently deleted a song from my iTunes and computer itself thinking it was something else. But when I plugged my iPod to it, the song didn't delete from my iPod. I think it has something to do with the fact that it...
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    Tried to send a video to a friend on messenger but.....

    Can someone please explain to me why you can't send a 10 minute video on messenger? I think that's very unfair!
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    HOw do I make a make Google chrome my default browser?

    Whenever I view an email about an order from Amazon. And I click the link it keeps wanting to open Safari. How do I make open Google chrome on my iPad?
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    App VS Browser (spin off from other thread)

    I want to start a thread to better educate myself. Due to some recent issues I've been having and conversations I had on here. I'd like to know y'all opinion on which is better. So far I'm finding out that maybe Facebook from the browser (rather from Safari or the Google Chrome app which I use)...
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    Facebook app crashing again

    I can't find where I posted this topic but I had trouble before but I updated my software and it stopped crashing for a while until today. I checked setting my software does not need updating. I'm checking my apps in the apps icon, there no call to update Facebook. What are the causes of...
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    YouTube videos stop while playing

    This just started today when I play a YouTube video on my iPad, it will stop in the middle and the screen will go black, why?:confused:
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    Trouble registering on Siriousxm

    I just downloaded my SiriusXM . It won't let me register. I filled in the blanks first name last name email phone number (only number I could give them was my cell phone number) and zip code. Then it said no account found ( as if I already had one which I do not) and it asked for a radio Id...
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    How do I delete someone from messenger?

    They say if you delete the conversations it will delete from the list but I accedently " waved" at them with the wave app and now there's no way to delete that person.
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    ipad memory not accurate??

    at first my memeory read (setting, general, about) 5:14 GB, i deleted a few pictures then it read. 5: 03 GB left. why is it losing memory and not gaining? then i turned on itunes, my ipad showed up on it says 7:58 GB left. which is more accurate? whats going on? :confused:
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    Spell check on the keyboard in other language.

    Living in Mexico, I have Mexican friends on my Facebook that posts things in spanish. And it's not the kind of posts where you can copy and paste. It's dialogue within an image. What I have to do is go back and fourth between the translator and Facebook to translate each word. It's hard to do...
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    I recently downloaded Spotify it said " get" it didn't have a price so it was free, I think. It does have ads. But that seems to be the only thing. There are other bugs, like sometimes when I'm on another app while it's playing, it will sometimes abruptly stop playing. Or st night it has trouble...
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    Can no longer play youtube sound with Facebook up

    For a while I was able to click on a YouTube link on Facebook and it wound gave me the Facebook page but it would also play sound even if I was on the Facebook. But now it won't do that anymore. Did an update stop that or what happened?
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    Facebook app lmitations

    I. Noticing some limitations with the FB app. You can only copy and paste a comment on another page only from the newsfeed. If you find the post in the actlivity log you can not copy and paste from there. That's an inconvineice be use what if I can no longer find the post in my newsfeed but only...
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    apps loading slower? could it be the ipad?

    at first i thought it be our slow internet. but when i turned on my computer, Yoube loaded right up, while on my ipad itseemed to have taken,,,, maybe 3 minutes. same with Facebook, but then facebook is always slow even on the com. now i did reboot my pad and youtube and facebook and google...
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    Facebook app keeps wanting to cancel my posts.

    On Facebook. Every time I try to post something on a Facebook page that message keeps popping up saying do I want to discard or keep the message. I don't hit cancel. Why does it keep popping up. It's like it wants to cancel. And then when it does post. The post is not there. And I have to do it...
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    Trying a jam box USB.

    i got a new eternal speaker for my ipod today. have no idea how to set it up, directions are in spanish and there was no plug cord. only the conection you see in the photo. i even googled it. google doesnt know what Fusion acustic is. i click on images, it shows me a bunch of guitars.
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    iPod external speakers shorted out.

    I just bought these speakers last year. How can they short out after one year and 3 months? Is it possible these external speakers for iPods don't last long? I'm afraid if I get a jambox type of later with a USB it won't recognize my "outdated" iPod.
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    Facebook problems

    I'm not sure if this goes but lately on my Facebook account on my iPad and my computer. On Facebook, pictures and videos will not load, not even the profile pics. It updates and theres people status updates, writings. But no pics and videos. Not everyone is having this problem, but I found a...