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    Experiments With Video Slide Shows On the New Video iPod (5g).

    My day job is as a Photographer, so I was interested to see if I could use the new features of the 5g iPod to create promotional videos for my work. I have just finished producing a nine minute video using some of my still images, taken from a documentary project on the decline of the UK mining...
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    How do I upgrade my 3g to 5g?

    I have ordered a new iPod to replace my 3g model. How do I upgrade so that the new blank ipod takes on the tunes of my old model? I don't want to risk loosing what I have. thanks Martin
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    Video Encoding for the iPod - So slow with Quicktime!

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. In anticipation of receiving my new iPod I have started encoding some of my video files. Last night I tried a MPEG2 (avi) to iPod format using Quicktime Pro. A 9 minute file took almost three hours! I can convert the same file to...
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    Wanted UK - 3G Dead iPod

    Thank you. I have had an accident whilst changing the battery in my 3G iPod, so I need another one for spares:mad: Does anyone have a dead one that they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price? Preferably unopened, I am based in the UK. Thanks Martin
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    On inserting a CD

    On inserting a CD instead of getting iTunes to launch I get a browser window listing the .cda files. This is despite have "Use iTunes as the default player for audio files" set. And file associations for .cda set to 'play' using iTunes. This has started happening since I upgraded my Windows...
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    UK Bargain - Sennheiser MX 400

    Just a heads up! I have just done the weekly shop in Safeways supermarket and saw that they are selling the MX 400 for ?9.99 and the MX 500 for 14.99. I have a pair of the MX 400's and really like them. Better IMHO than the stock Ipod ear phones. Quite a bargain. Martin
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    I know what I am about to say will probably not make me many friends but I will say it anyway! After owning a new 3G 20Gb iPod for two weeks here are a few of my observations: Out of the box the unit does look so cool! Aesthetically it really is well designed, BUT! The finish is so prone to...
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    Frost iSkin 3G - UK

    I have a frost iSkin for sale - 3G for 10/15/20 GB models includes crystal iShades screen protector and belt clip. New ?13 including post in the UK. This does not include a zipcase. Conract me via board. Cheers Martin