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    iPod Classic and Logitech MM50; not good.

    I tried my iPod classic 160 with my mm50 speakers. Everything is fine until I remove the iPod. The volume control on my iPod doesn't work right and the volume trends down to the lowest level. Can someone confirm that this is a problem before I refer to apple? The only was to recover was to...
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    80GB 5.5 & 160GB G6: Swap HDD's???

    Maybe its the fact that I'm not into some of the changes that Apple did for the iPod (classics), but I'm considering swaping the harddrives with each other... Anyone else try this or consider it??? Am I crazy or just thinking that apple should have just made a 160GB 5.5? Sponge
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    So... No-DRM?

    So, whatever happened with Steve Jobs pronouncement that people will be able to purchase music from iTunes with no-DRM and at a 256kbps bit-rate. I never really put much credence into apples ship dates recently unless they say Available now. Example: Apple: AppleTV available Feb. Reality...
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    The official iPhone discussion thread

    Well the "wide-screen" "video" "iphone" is here. Its very nice, but not $600 nice...:eek: It will sell like mad i'm sure, but i'll wait for a cheaper model... Would have been nice to have a model with no phone and add 80gb harddrive though... I'd buy that now... Sponge
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    Windows Vista & iTunes.

    Anyone else finding that iTunes is sluggish in Windows Vista? (Final release)--Yes its legal, I'm a business customer :)-- I'm on a P4 3.4Ghz with 3Gb of RAM and Nvidia 7800GS. I'm not seeing any problems other than clicking on album art always brings it to the top left of the screen instead...
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    How many songs are on you ipod (that you haven't listened to)?

    It all started when I wanted to know how many songs were on my ipod that I had never listened to. I created a smart playlist to show me all songs with a play count of 0 and I found I had 2800 songs that I had never listened to on my ipod. Granted some of those I had listened to as CD's but...
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    Bose in-ear headphones

    Anyone out there have or used the new bose in-ear headphones? I was looking at them on their site and they look rather comfortable. I was just wondering. Sponge
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    80GB ipod "formatted" capacity

    Anyone know offhand or from experience what the formatted capacity of the 80gb Ipod is? Thanks Sponge
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    Old Firmware

    Anyone know where I can find old versions of the ipod updater? I need to restore my ipod with an earlier version. Thanks Sponge
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    Logitech mm50's now in black! Sweet!

    These speakers, I have found are perfect for me. They have decent sound and are portable. Glad to see them in black.
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    USB to Dock Connector for Shuffle

    Got an idea of a connector for the shuffle that makes the usb connector into a dock connector, such as a USB to PS2 connector that you find with computer mouse. It would be a female USB connector on one end and a Female dock connector on the other. It would allow the shuffle to use a great...