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    How many actively used iPods do you have, and how do you use them?

    Having just received an iPod Touch 64gb for my birthday, I now have three active iPods in my arsenal, and they all have specific uses. My 160gb classic at this point holds all of my digital media - songs (17,385), movies & music videos (62), photos (6,221). I take this daily with me to work in...
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    IEM's for my iPod - I like the "unadvertised" brand (Future Sonics)

    I have most definately been a Future Sonics fanboy since getting the EM3's. I have never regretted my $99 purchase. i have "tested" shures and etymotics, and I personally found no comparison. i inf the Future Sonics have a better well-rounded sound. Well, I just "upgraded" to the Future Sonics...
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    You must exercise self-control and a level head with the iPod

    Nine months and no problems until yesterday. I plug in my 5G 30gig, and it says it can't update because the playlists selected for syncing no longer exist. Hmmm. Nothing appears obvious to me. So I eject, then plug it back in again and the same thing. I resync, and then the fun begins - it says...
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    Firmware 1.2 upgrade on your existing 5G (and iTunes 7): post positive comments here

    1. I have read numerous thread in how the new search function wasn't included with the new firmware upgrade, but was on the new iPods that were shipping. Well, my upgrade includes the new search by letter and I found it by accident. I haven't mastered it yet, but there seems to be a certain...
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    What's your current "I can't stop playing these songs" list?

    My "I can't stop playing these songs" list: Ghost of Perdition - Opeth Kick The Chair - Megadeth Y Draig Goch - Hollenthon Hate - The Project Hate Qualms of Reality - Meshuggah
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    What's the most shuffled songs in a row you've listened to before changing modes?

    I have 4,733 songs on my 5G 30gig. I am currently up to song #905 in shuffle mode. I take the iPod to work everyday and it's been 905 songs since I've watched a video or played a specific song or album on it.
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    The iPod accessory market - amazing

    $1,000 iPod specific speakers for a $400 iPod (see new looks) - ridiculous? Whole sections of stores exclusive to iPod, like the Atkins diet in the supermarket. Every week some new accessory comes out, many costing much more than the iPod itself. It's like buying a cell phone, spending...
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    The first drop is always the hardest...

    I dropped my 5G on Saturday. I got out of the car holding it about waist high, and for whatever reason my hand let it go and it hit the pavement. The iSkin eVo3 did it's job. No operational problems, and I haven't even taken the eVo3 off to see if anything happended to the iPod itself, nor do I...
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    How many iPods do you/have you owned?

    It appears that many of you have come up through the iPod ranks. I'm on my first iPod.
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    How does your 5G rate with all of your available methods of listening to music?

    In asking this question of myself, it's not such a simple answer. I have the following "listening" stations available to me: main home stereo - 5.1 stereo in bedroom - dolby surround computer - 2.1 Cambridge Soundworks speakers car - great system work - JVC FS-5000 w/Cambridge Soundworks sub...
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    Why do people care so much about the looks of the iPod?

    This is something I just don't understand, at all. When I buy electronics, I buy them to perform (I stress perform). My expectations of my 5G 30gig is to carry/play thousands of songs and some videos. The music is about how it sounds, which I personally think the 5G sounds pretty good. This...
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    SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH : great function - use it

    Wading through thread upon thread that's been covered so many times in other threads means to me people are just too lazy to spend a little time searching for their answers before posting about a problem. Search functions in very active forums such as this serve a purpose. Try it - you might...
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    Token happy thread amoungst all these negative ones

    I'm still happy with my 5G 30gig. A few times I've hit play and the song stayed at 0:00 - no biggie. I happen to like iTunes in conjunction with the iPod. I find it easy to manage my iPod library. It sounds great in the car. The iPod's equalization isn't the greatest with headphone listening...
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    How do you use your iPod 5G?

    In what different ways do you use you iPod 5G? I use my 5G in basically 2 ways: 1. In car player - this is by far the #1 way I use my iPod. No more MP3 CD's with 100 or so songs. It sounds awesome in the car. 2. Portable MP3 player. In truth, I've had my 5G for a couple of weeks and have yet...
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    Opeth and my iPod

    Opeth is by far my favorite band. I've been listening to them all day - iPod hooked up to my work stereo with line out. Nice. Of my nearly 4,800 songs on the 5G, I have the entire catalogs of Opeth, Grip Inc, and Led Zeppelin. I also have most of Nevermore and Porcupine Tree. Beyond that, just...
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    Dressing up my iPod - expensive but worth it

    Having the luxury of saving $300 on the purchase of my black 5G 30gb, I haven't been holding back on accesorizing my newfound joy. 1. Griffin TuneCenter Dock - pre ordered for $107.99 2. iPod clear case from eBay (haven't received this impulse buy yet) - $10.99 3. Cable for my Alpine 9807 head...
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    What does your iPod mean to you?

    My 5G 30 gig iPod means: I don't have to rip MP3 CD's for the car anymore, as I can carry 4,800 songs to the car at any time I continue to have leading edge products I have to spend hundreds of dollars on peripherals (case, cables, etc) to make it useful in multiple instances - this is a...
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    A poll on the right headphone problem - let's see what the problem % is

    The blown right headphone thread is an interesting one. I'm taking my chances with a $100 Future Sonics EM3 in ear monitors with my 5G 30gig, and I'd be mad if they blew. If everybody responds in the poll, we might get a better idea. Most people who are posting about the problem actually have...
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    iPod age demographic - how old are you?

    So how old are you, the iPod owner?
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    Just gave my daughter my Zen Micro 5gig - I'm keeping the 5G 30gig

    My daughter asked me what I was doing with my Zen Micro now that I've won the iPod video. Truthfully, other than being a pack rat who needs to hold on to everything, I had no reason to keep two nice MP3 players. Many people can't even afford one nice player, and since I was lucky enough to win...