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    Recognizing problem after sleep

    After my PC goes to sleep, I turn it on to work. At that time my touch was already connected. But it doesn't recognize by iTunes. Suddenly PC searches for iPod driver. Why is it happened? I use iTunes 8.1.1. By the way after restarting PC, problem is gone. How can I solve this?
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    thought on apple new in-earphone

    Well, I just bought it yesterday. But sound quality is, which people usually expect, not great. I mean that bass or low range is not deep enough like v-moda or similar price range of headphone. I tried all different eartips. Large one only makes me little satisfied. But it is still not enough...
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    apple in-earphone (2008) availability

    well, I am in Las Vegas for new year's day, and visited apple store today. they have several stocks in store. so I just bought that. that's strange because I couldn't buy it in any San Francisco stores because all of them were sold out. I didn't even see it in store. but here in Vegas, all apple...
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    Time is run out....

    As you all know, apple makes us so tired fir new highly(?) expected in-earphone. But it is not coming yet. So I stopped to wait, purchased iSkin 'Cerulean X1 inearphone'. It is $100. I got it from apple store. It looks nice. I mean that I concern about built quality nowadays since v-moda vibe...
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    Film for 2G itouch

    finally apple store has stock on new 2G iPod touch film now. Both for crystal and anti-glare. It fit perfectly judy like first gen. But now it gives you two pieces of screen protectors. No film for metal back. The same price. $14.95. I just got anti one.
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    Belkin silicon case is available at Apple store.

    title says all. I don't know what it is actually called Belkin wave case? It is $29.95.
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    Griffin Elan form case for 2G touch

    I seem a reporter here... Anyway, Griffin Elan form Case for 2G iPod touch is now available at Apple store. It looks much better than reflect case & previous version for 1st gen. touch. It is $34.95 with screen protector & premium cleaner. I think it is a good deal. By the way no Belkin case is...
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    Griffin reflect case for 2G ipod touch

    I visit another apple store. they have griffin new reflect case for 2G ipod touch now. it looks nice. so 3rd party products seem to appear at Apple store since yesterday. so far, I found Incase silicon case, and this Griffin case. I think that we will see more cases next week. by the way I can't...
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    2G touch case from incase!

    today I just went to Apple store. They have 2G touch new case. It is silicon case from incase. It is $29.95 without screen protector. But it looks OK. I will use it until slide case will be coming out. If you want, go get it.
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    cross fade feature....

    I know new 4G ipod nano has crossfade in setting mode. I just expect that ipod touch will be added it from future software update? what do you think?
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    no crash for application!!!!

    as you know, previously download & installing app took long time. Sometimes it seemed to stop working. Then you wanted to reset. But only you could see was apple logo forever, right? But situation has been changed with new socond gen. iPod touch. Today I was downloading & installing app 'Relax'...
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    wifi connection for second gen. Touch

    unlikely first gen., when I open wifi, it seems to hesitate to connect. So I try few times for connection. It is not happened to first gen. Obviously it is not connected right away. I tested in apple store. It was happened. Have anybody problem?
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    good news for users who have 2nd. gen. ipod touch

    this is incredible. as you know, Ultimate Ears super. fi 4vi is for iphone heapdhone which you can pause and call someone, get back to music again by pressing button right? so I was just curious whether new ipod touch would be working like this (pausing music, resume, go to next song by pressing...
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    2.0 software is kidding....

    well, first time it was very impressive. but as time goes by, it shows a lot of bugs including draining battery life faster. one thing I don't understand is that installation process takes longer time. it is little bit better through itunes. but do it by iphone itself through wifi is taking hell...
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    how to migrate entire content from windows vista to Mac

    I know that somebody would ask the same question before. of course you can reformat your ipod or iphone whatever to sync itunes on mac. but what about transferring entire content to brand new mac to use? I am not familiar with migration on windows side. if somebody is expert, explain me. thank you.
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    unstable 2.0 software

    well, 2.0 firmware is not stable. Randomly apps are crash. Today facebook, yesterday super monkey ball... Navigating speed around device is lagging than 1.1.4. I think that Apple already knows about it. So Hopely they will patch update soon.
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    iphone 3G, so many people wait to buy...

    well, as you know, a lot of people get in the line to buy one, and activate phone at the same time. but today, I asked employees, saw podcast that you can activate it at your home just like first Gen iphone. the process is the same. somebody told me that apple store, AT&T use special version of...
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    disappeared rented movie?

    well I downloaded 'I am a legend' two days ago. Then I didn't watch it. I was unable to connect internet a day. When I opened iTunes, rented movie just disappeared. I thought it was because of Internet. Anyway today I connected, checked purchased content. Unfortunately iTunes couldn't remember...
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    little tap right to music section on itunes

    I didn't realize that something has been new on itunes. well, nothing to change but. I found little tap, which you can directly go to genres, right to music section. it is not a big deal. it is sort of Easter egg I discovered.
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    you have to think twice before jailbreak 1.1.3

    here is article why jailbreak 1.1.3 has problem. it will prevent further 3rd apps installation which will be coming Feb. $20 apps from apple is test how apps progress into your device...