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    RM to AVI?

    Hey there guys, any programs you know of that would do a good job converting Realmedia files to AVIs while maintaining resolution? -Edalgo
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    DVD Shrink Reauthor mode?

    Hey guys so I asked about how to rip individual episodes from my dvds and people kept suggesting DVD Shrink's Reauthoring mode. Unfortunately noone mentioned how to use it. I've searched the web for some info on this but have turned up empty handed. A well detailed explanation/tutorial would...
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    Black 60gig iPod Scratch Review

    Hey guys so after having examined my bro's black nano and seeing how much is scratches I can say that my black 60gig video ipod scratches just as easily and just as bad. I have only carried it around in my pocket (which has either contained lint or a box of gum) so there shouldn't be such...
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    From one iPod to another?

    Hey guys, my bro has a 30gig iPod photo and I just got my 60gig video iPod. I have a few gigs worth of music on my comp downstairs and he has a few more gigs on his comp upstairs. I want to be able to have him bring his ipod downstairs and load his songs onto my comp so I can put them into...
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    From one iPod to another?

    Oops wrong forum, please delete this thread -Edalgo
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    Song info not editable allofasudden

    Hey guys I just got my ipod and Ive been organizing all my music and adding album art and everything but now Ive got two cds where the song info cant be edited at all. whats going on, is it something with the files themselves? -Edalgo
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    Ripping Episodes From DVDs

    Hey guys I've seen the posts on here about getting videos from dvd to compressed AVI file but whenever someone asks the question "How do you rip dvds that have seperate episodes like tv series?" the question is always skipped. Therefore I have dedicated an entire thread to this in hopes that...
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    3GP Converter vs Videora iPod Converter

    Hey guys, anyone had the chance to use both of these yet? Ive used 3GP and man does it do a good job but Im wondering if its exactly the same as the videora converter. Unfortunately Im out the door right now so I wont be able to test it out for a while. -Edalgo
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    Quicktime doesn't play AVI's?

    Hey guys I know this may not sound like it has anything to do with the new iPod but please bare with me. I want to use Quicktime Pro so I can convert all of my AVI's to an iPod compatible format via "export movie to ipod" but whenever I load an AVI it shows a white screen and then stops...
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    Can I just move my movies onto the iPod without tweaking them?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hey guys, I've been reading these forums for a while and was about to get an iPod last week but decided to hold off for this anouncement. I ordered one of the new iPods yesterday (60G, black) and thought it was great that they...