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    Student planner/organizer?

    I'm in college and I have been looking for some kind of app that you can enter in classes and then put down what homework is due at what time and such (or when quizzes/exams are, etc..). So far I haven't found anything like this. If anyone knows of any good student planner kind of app, please...
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    80GB Classic turns off then will not turn back on again unless hooking up to computer

    Ok my 80GB ipod classic which I've had for a little over a year now has been working fine the entire time I've had it, and the battery life is still as long as when I first bought it. Up until now I've never had any major problems with it. Now, for some reason, when I turn it off, I will come...
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    Computer crashes after disconnecting ipod touch!!!

    Ok I really need some help here, recently I restored my iPod touch and since then every time I disconnect it from my computer after syncing with iTunes, my computer immediately crashes, giving me the blue screen of death and then restarts. I tried reinstalling iTunes but it didn't work. Does...
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    iTunes won't add some videos to library...?

    I've converted the videos to H.264/MPEG4 and all the right stuff and they play in iTunes and on my iPod. The problem is, when I drag and drop or "Add Files" to iTunes, some of the videos will not import to the iTunes library. This usually only happens with video files 20 MB in size or over. Why...
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    Deauthorize Audible Account not working! Need help!

    I am trying to deauthorize my computer because I am getting a new one in a couple days, and will not be using my current one any longer after I get my new one. Here is the problem: When I type in my account username and password, an error message displays and says "Could not deauthorize this...
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    iTunes takes forever to start up

    When I click on iTunes to open up, it usually takes about 2 minutes to pop up after I click on it. Why does it take so long to load up? Is it just the amount of songs I have? Or is it my computer's slowness or something? I only have about 1200 songs (5 GB) in my library and about 850 MB worth...
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    Get to music quickly in Rockbox?

    I tried Rockbox before and didn't like it much because I couldn't get to my music easily at the main menu, and all the different menus are really confusing. How do you change the appearance of the menus and get to your music artists and playlists quickly? Also, is there any way to play your...
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    Tetris Highscores!

    post your highscores for tetris on your ipod... I'm not too good at tetris but here are mine: marathon: 37956 to lvl 7 40 lines: 6:14 ultra: (the most fun mode :D ) 5253 HOW DO YOU GET PAST LEVEL 7??????? The blocks fall waaaaayyy too fast to beat that level...
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    Faster PC gaming? Help please...

    Ok I want to play a multiplayer online FPS game (such as WarRock or Americas Army) and I have played WarRock which is a smaller filesize and everything than Americas Army and it's laggy and slow!!! I even put it at the lowest graphics settings possible and it looks horrible but its still laggy...
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    Zuma High Scores!

    What's your high score on Zuma? I sort of gave up when I couldn't beat one of the levels and because it was taking forever to end the game but my high score is 239460.
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    iPod wizard font hack not working!!!!!!!!

    I did everything exactly how it said in this tutorial about 5 times for the 5g ipod and the font on my ipod DOES NOT CHANGE!!!! someone please help me!!!!! I have a 5g 30gig
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    Anyone have a TuffWrap Accent case?

    I got one of these a few weeks ago and I must say these are pretty good-looking silicon cases with some pretty good protection. I got a black and red one, and I like the grip on the sides cause those cases can get slippery in sweaty hands and stuff. It also has a good screen cover. Anyone else...
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    Spirit West Coast!!!

    Ok, so it was my second year to go to SWC...It was incredible. I saw Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, Dizmas, Decyfer Down, Spoken, Disciple, KJ-52, Skillet, and a few other bands. Also got autographs from Red, Disciple, and KJ-52!!!!!!!! If anyone else knows what I'm talking about please reply...
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    iTunes won't add folder to library... PLEASE HELP

    ok I ripped all the songs off my ipod onto my computer and they are all on my computer right now. the problem is that I go to File>Add Folder to Library and I click the folder with all my music in it, nothing happens. Nothing goes into iTunes. what gives?????????????????
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    Your Bitrate?

    My normal bitrate for downloading and ripping music is 128kbps mp3. Most people use 192 or something like that and I feel like my bitrate is way too low compared too that, especially when I connect my ipod to my stereo. Anyone else out there use 128kbps??? (by the way I can't do much about it...
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    great new christian metal/rock band

    I found a recently released Christian Metal/Rock band on iTunes called Seventh Seal. They have only released one album but it is AMAZING. It has awesome guitar with someone actually singing instead of screaming stuff that I don't understand. check out seventh seal on itunes
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    $5 wall charger at!!!!!

    Wow I can't stop finding great deals on iPod accessories. First a $5 case at Big Lots, now a $5 charger at With shipping and handling it was more like $11 which is still a great deal. If you are looking for really cheap accessories go shop at or ebay or something
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    what do you listen to the most?

    go to your Top 25 Most Played list on your ipod and put the first 10 songs on the list here here are mine: Bodies - Drowning Pool All Of Us - Blindside Daughter - Blindside Coming Back To Life - Blindside Crazy Frog - Crazy Frog Harvester of Sorrow - Metallica I Like To Move It - Crazy Frog...