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    Status of white Iphone 4

    anyone know the status of this. It was suppose to come out middle of last month but as you can tell, it hasn't. What's the story on this and when should we expect the white version. I figure they haven't released due to the antenna issue and trying to fix the problem before they release them...
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    Finally Jailbroken redsn0w 3.0 Bugs and Issues

    looks like DevTeam finally came through and delivered us redsn0w. Nothing went wrong with the install (windows version). I am seeing a few bugs here and there but this is only a brief review because I've just jailbroke my iPhone 3G earlier today. 1)Loading time from the lockscreen to the main...
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    I Got Rick Roll'd

    So I went to go check my Swirly MMS this morning and got a message saying that Microsoft bought Swirly MMS and Cydia. It referred me to a website which I surely proceeded to, to find out more. I then read the rest of the story and saw a provided youtube video. Started the video and, you guessed...
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    ~ Official MMS Petition ~

    For all those who have been out of the loop, a petition with 100's of users was sent to Steve Jobs about an enabling/disabling Auto-Correction option in the new firmware. It was successful and will be granted in the new 2.2 firmware (from what I read). So why the hell not start one for MMS...
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    A Look Inside: Jailbroken iPhone 3G 2.0.2 WITH PICS

    So I was a little hesitant to jailbreak because I just got my new beauty, but I couldn't resist. Here is my little QUICK inside scoop on the new stuff First off QuickPwn could not have been done any better. It is a complete script/prompt boot-up screen that not only gets the job done quickly...
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    Simple Question - Sim Switching

    Sometimes I make trips across the state and was wondering if it was safe if you take a Sim Card out of an iPhone and put it in another phone (say for ex: my old Razr) and when I'm done, put it back in the iPhone? Also is the iPhone still operable without a Sim Card in it? I still want to be able...
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    DEAL ~ Brand New 16Gig iPod touch 2.0 Firmware & Warrenty~ DEAL

    Ok, so someone on eBay decided to use my buy now option and not pay so i'm having to relist.. I went ahead and put 2.0 on it figuring it would catch more ppl's attentions. SO If you are interested message me here for any questions and feel free to check out my eBay listing in my sig. If you want...
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    HOTT ~ Brand New 16Gig iPod touch 1.1.4 Firmware ~ HOTT

    Check out my sig for the eBay listing..
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    Customize.. "Other Artwork" feature problem

    So I was looking through Customize and the file sets and found a folder called "other artwork", a download that changes the color layout on menus and stuff. Well after I install it and applied it, it messed up the coloring and wont let me open up any menus: boss prefs, settings, customize...
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    Keyboard not working right in Safari

    I just updated my iPod touch to 1.1.4 and jailbroke it using ZiPhone. I just noticed today my keyboard to enter url's on Safari doesn't work. It's either just a pitch black lower half or it does some weird transparency thing. The keyboard works in search/text boxes so I don't know what the deal...
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    BRAND NEW 16Gig iPod Touch

    This is a brand new, not even opened, 16 Gig iPod Touch with the latest firmware from Circuit City. I had an old 1.1.1. version from when they first came out and bought a 2 Yr warrenty but it's got a bad audio jack so I returned it and got a BRAND NEW one. Want the iPhone now so I'm selling this...
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    Audio Problems...

    Noticed it a while back but now it's gettin worse. I've been having problems with my audio jack on my iPod touch. Whenever I put the headphones in you have to giggle it because it wont play on both sides of my ear phones. It's like, it has to be in a certain spot in order for it to play like...
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    Worth 1.1.3??

    I've got an older week 38 iPod touch with jailbroken 1.1.1 Is it almost worth restoring and going to 1.1.3 and then jailbreak when they release it or just hold off and keep my jailbroken 1.1.1??? I've got everything I need already tho...from the apps to fully customized everything. Just...
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    Gas Price and Locations App.

    I posted this a while back, but still trying to figure out if there is an app. out there for this. Any Gas App. that allows you to put in an address or zip code that shows you lowest gas prices and locations?
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    Portable Mini iPod Speakers

    I was wonder where I could find some slim mini portable speakers for my iPod touch. I know they have those bulky ones but I was wondering if anyone has seen some slimmer versions of these things. Much appreciated.
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    Think I broke it....

    Ok, so I dunno what the hell happened but whenever I boot up my iPod touch it acts like normal for a second then goes into this weird screen flashing with white stripes that go across it. Sometimes it wont even let me in, it will just keep flashing untill i restart it. Whenever it does let me in...
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    FS: 39 Week 16G iPod touch with CC 2 yr plan!!!

    Bought it back in early october. I tried my best to not get scratches on it but the chrome backs are imfamous about that. It does come with a case though. No dead pixels, no screen scratches or flaws. Bought from Circuit City and has a 2 year in store advantage plan on it. Which means, if it...
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    ?? WARNING: Running Out of Diskspace ??

    Every now and then I'll keep getting the error that pops up and says "WARNING: Running Out of Diskspace. Please delete some photos or songs" or somethin like that. I know this might be an obvious answer cus I MIGHT just be running out of diskspace but iTunes is showing I have quite enough left.
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    Application for Gas Prices nearest you

    Is there an application out there that will show you the gas prices, who is cheaper, and sets it to location wise showing what's closest. Much appreciated..
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    How To Add NES and ROMS: TUTORIAL

    Since so many of you guys are lost in this process I figured I'd help you out. First off you need to download the from installer. Second, you need a FTP client to access your jailbroken iPod touch. A client like winSCP or cuteFTP would work great (if you don't have it, go search for...