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    Powerdock and iPhone 3G

    Does anyone have both the Griffin Powerdock and the iPhone 3G? Does the Powerdock come with an adaptor that fits your iphone 3g? thx.
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    Smudging and Fingerprinting on 5G's

    Well it's about time to upgrade (running out of room on 10 gig) I just had a question about the 5G ipods, the black ones in paticular. I am a fan of this color but i just wondered how bad it smudges/fingerprints in comparison to the white ones...comparable, more noticable, what? Also if there...
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    iPod Repeat

    I could see it now, 16MB Capacity Holds 2 SONGS Priced $15.00 and the advertising slogan would be pure genius: The iPod Repeat, Because you don't like to be suprised, and would rather only carry two songs. or just The iPod Repeat, Because you don't like to be suprised. This is a joke...
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    iPod Picture Request

    Anyone who wants to see more pictures of ipod, just put a request of what you want to see in this forum and i'll take some pictures for you :) Let the requests begin.
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    Showcase Cleaning?

    How do you clean your showcase? Or do you just lick your finger and wipe the mark off like me lol
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    iPod Backlight Setting

    What do you use?
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    An iPod and Owner United....

    Well i've been researching iPod since March...never actually held one until about an hour ago. Well i'm laying in my room trying to get rest until the next morning but i can't stand the wait. So my mom pops her head in my room and says come downstairs... There it is iPod unwrapped and in all...
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    Contour Showcase

    Pictures of your iPod in a Showcase please, describe the experience, does it scratch up the pod or not...details details.
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    Showcase Owners Unite

    I purchased the Contour Showcase and a 10GB 3G ipod. Now i want to know user reviews (not ipodlounge review) of the product. Does it scratch pod at all? Does it make it real hard to press buttons? Does it add considerable bulk to ipod? Does it take away from ipods natural beauty? Go.
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    iPod Confirmed :D!!!

    Well my parents faked being worried because CompUSA and Best Buy was sold out of ipods...but upon scrolling around i noticed that an Apple ID was logged in, thinking it was my own i looked at it again noticing it wasnt. It was my parents mwahaha. So after guessing the password one...
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    All music on ipod?

    Can i just have all my music on my ipod and not my ipod and hard drive to save space?
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    Using iPod without case

    Any of you use the iPod without a case, how does that work for you? Anyone care to fill me in, on any screen protectors that stand alone from a case?
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    Why should i buy an iPod...?

    Convince me to buy an iPod. I have 300 dollars to spend and i have all these other things i could buy...but i'm not sure if it's the iPod i want...begin!