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    Restoring iTunes Playlist from iPod

    Hi All, I've been looking around the forum on the best approach to restore my iTunes playlist. My previous Hard disk on the computer crashed out and there is no way for me to retrieve my existing playlist. However, my ipods are all time synced and i hope that there's a way that i can import the...
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    Ipod Classic - 160GB (Inconsistent Album Art)

    Dear All, Off late, i've upgraded my iTunes to ( and my ipod 1.1.2 PC. All my album arts perfectly displayed on the itunes, but i've realize that some of them did not appear on my iPod. I've tried several times restoring the ipod and randomly it has fixed some of the album arts BUT it...
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    Ipod Dock - Remote Control Problem

    Hi Guys, I would require some help and advice here. I've recently purchased the IPOD docking + AV connection set that comes with the remote control. I've plugged in my IPOD (5G 60GB - Firmware 1.2.1) into the dock and everything works fine EXCEPT for the "menu" button on the remote control...
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    Itunes cant read Audio CD (From CD-ROM)

    Hello Guys, I need help. Recently, i've purchased an IBM desktop PC (A55 Tower). I've installed the latest Itunes 7.0.2 and there's 1 problem... I realize now that each time i insert any (audio CD..not those that is burned with mp3 but ORIGINAL audio cds I've purchased from stores).. the...
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    Playlist Issue

    Hi Guys, Got some questions here... hope some of you great Ipod users can guide me how to rectify this problem. I have songs playlist on my Ipod, i've click to sort them by Album and I'm having a problem "re-sorting" them manually based on my interest on the songs queue. Might sound...
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    iPod Freezing while playing Songs (5G 60GB)

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Hello Guys, I would like to share with you guys that recently my ipod had been freezing while playing the songs. It happened right after i upgraded the firmware to 1.1. As i've realized that it wasn't stable as far as im concerned...
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    RE: File Transfer on 5G Ipod (PC to Ipod)

    RE: File Transfer on 5G Ipod (PC to Ipod) Hello Guys, Just need to check up if it is SAFE to keep transfering FILE from PC to Ipod? I've been doing this for quite some time and I've read through some threads stating that files could possibly get corrupted, deleted, crashed and so on... Thank...
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    RE: Audiobook section on IPOD 5G

    RE: Audiobook section on IPOD 5G Hello, Sorry to include this issue but I'm a new iPod user. I've just purchased the 5G 60GB iPod and i've managed to convert my mp3 audiobooks into m4b file. I've successfully uploaded it into my ipod whereby I can see the particular audiobook file under the...
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    How to import my "audiobooks mp3" into the ipod under the "Audiobooks" option

    How to import my "audiobooks mp3" into the ipod under the "Audiobooks" option Hello, I've just purchased this IPOD Video 60GB and I'm having a problem to import my audiobooks mp3 into it. What i did was that I had to create a "playlist" in my Ipod and dump my audiobooks mp3 into it so that...