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    Can't run iTunes!

    I have been using iTunes 6.0.4 without any problems. Unfortunately I made the mistake of "upgrading" to iTunes 7 today. It installed OK but when I ran it I was getting freeze ups and "Not Responding" messages. So I removed the program and tried to install iTunes 6 again. I have the .exe files...
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    How to make sub categories in playlists?

    How can I add albums to existing playlists but only display the album name? ie: I have a Playlist entitled "Jazz". I want to rip a cd to the iTunes library and drag the album name to the playlist, but I don't want all the song names to show until I open the album name. Thanks, Joe
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    Copy audio CD question

    iTunes doesn't import in .cda mode. The closest I can see is .wav. So if I want to copy an audio CD and end up with a .cda copy (so that I can play it in a regular cd player), should I import it first as .wav and then use a program like Nero to burn it back to .cda? Am I losing any quality that...
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    Nano 1 GB . Full already.

    I gave my S.O. a new 1 Gb Nano and loaded it with two audiobooks and about 650 Mb's of music. Needless to say, there is 32Mb's of free space left. Due to the small capacity of this particular iPod, should I use the AAC format for music? I currently have it set to MP3 192kbps. Is there much...
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    Two iPods share audiobooks?

    I have a Photo 60 that I use with my laptop (win XP). I just bought my S.O. a Nano. She has her own desktop (win XP) that I'll sync her Nano with. Can I add audiobooks that I have synced for my use on my laptop to her iTunes and still keep them usable on my laptop? These are Audible files...
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    best place to buy an iPod

    What is the best place to buy to iPod? I own a photo 60 that I bought new on ebay. Am looking to buy my SO a new 30 video or a nano. Thanks
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    Stick the DRM up your___, Nero

    This REALLY kills me. I copied a cd that I OWN using Nero 6. I used the Copy CD function. The source was a Deutsche Grammophon recording of Mahler's Symphony #2. I'm listening to the finished copy and right at the most important part I hear the copyright crap screeching and popping sounds. Made...
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    where's ilounge podcasts?

    What happened to the iLounge podcasts? I can't find anything after November '05.
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    how to get playlists back

    I recently installed a new HD on my Windows XP laptop. Before doing so, I backed up my entire old HD to an external HD. I copied my iTunes music folder from the old HD to the external, and then to the new one. In the process I lost all of my playlists. I now have 9 gigs of music in my library...
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    MP3 to itunes audiobook

    I tried using Robert's guide for transfering mp3 files to iTunes using iTunes 5.0.1 and MP3 Merger. The audiobook I have on my HD is 185 files long, mp3. It's all in one folder and numbered sequentially. The source was 10 cds ripped to mp3. So the files look like: 01-01, 02-01, 03-01, etc. I...
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    Do not disconnect

    iPod Photo 60 iPod firmware version 1.2 Itunes Windows XP Syncing with Firewire After I sync my iPod with iTunes, the "do not disconnect" message on the iPod never goes away. iTunes completes, says OK to disconnect, but iPod says otherwise. I have to remove hardware from the taskbar. I...
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    Audiobooks file size

    Is there any advantage besides the storage space issue to using a smaller bit rate? I thought that doing so would speed up the ripping and converting process from .cda to .aac, but it doesn't. If I have more than enough room, should I just stay with 128? Also, what's the "optimize for voice"...
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    back to 4.9

    I had too many problems with 5.0 and Win XP so I went back to 4.9 for the time being. I was able to find a link Here . You have to remane your iTunes music file first, then remove itunes. Next do a search on your hard drive and delete all the iTunes files you find except of course, your music...
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    Net Library farce

    For those that haven't been following this. here's the problem: Net Library is a national online source database that offers steaming and downloadable ebooks and also downloadable audiobooks. You can access these items via your local public libraries website. You use your library card to log...
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    wma crap

    Hello. I want to be able to copy protected wma files onto my iPod. I have the damn license. These are audiobooks that I've downloaded from my local library via NetLibrary. I've just spent 6 hours trying to figure out how to play them on my iPod. I tried Nero= no good. I tried burning to CD from...
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    iTunes on Win98SE?

    My iPod 60 and Windoze XP machine work great together. I also carry around a PII 366 Win98se laptop sometimes. It has USB1. Can I install iTunes on it and use it to MANUALLY sych with my iPod? I don't want to update the iPod's software from it, just use the iPod and iTunes on it. Possible...
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    Audible books not bookmarking

    I'm having problems with books on my Photo 60. After listening I turn the iPod off by holding down the botton part of the clickwheel. Sometimes I can get back to where I was in the book, but other times it starts up a few chapters behind. Seems like when it's off for a few days I...
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    Tried to update, got fried instead

    Today I downloaded the latest iPod updater and iTunes 9 to my PC. I plugged the iPod 60 into the firewire port and I got the do not dissconnect logo on the ipod for an hour. Nothing was happenening though. iTunes wasn't seeing it nor was my computer. I disconnected it and tried again. Now all I...
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    Can't open sticky

    This is what I get when I try to open the "Welsome to Podcast" thread : "The information is set incorrectly in the following file: "pm_inc.php" Please open "pm_inc.php" with a text editor and correct the path. You'll find instructions located inside that file" Any suggestions?
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    Aer phone that sound great and don't hurt

    Earphones that sound great and don't hurt I'm a new iPodder and new to the forum. I'd like to hear some recommendations regarding earphones based on my requirements. I listen primarily to classical music, opera, and some jazz. The included iPod earbuds hurt my ears. ie: they don't fit. The...