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    Jailbroken iPhone 3GS 3.1.3 no longer bookmarks podcasts

    I'm not sure if this is a jailbreaking problem, an OS problem or an iTunes problem, but I've noticed my iPhone doesn't seem to always remember where I left off in podcasts, or long MP3s where I have ticked the "remember playback position" option. Any ideas?
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    Old iPod games on classic

    I've noticed that almost all of my old iPod 5.5G games are now available and listed in the iTunes shop as compatible with my iPod Classic. Are these literally the same games? Is there anyway to upgrade the current games for free, or somehow make them play on my iPod?
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    iPod doesn't show eponymous (same name) albums properly

    I first noticed that when I went to artists, the 'Jarvis' - 'Jarvis' album was not showing up, just the tracks, no album However, on further checking, 'The Beatles' - 'The Beatles' album does show up. Experiments conducted: 1) Renamed half of Jarvis tracks to album '2' Now, both albums '2'...
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    Can you sort by missing album art or by id3-tag?

    Is there anyway to sort files in iTunes so you can easily group together the ones that don't have album art? Also, is it possible to sort files by id3-tag version (so I can update ones that have older id3-tags?) I'm using os x 10.4.7 so could also use applescript or automator actions if they...
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    Buffer problem?

    I've noticed with a couple songs (most notably with a 5 second long track) that the song ends prematurely, and then part of a previous song is played before the next track plays. It seems like it's left over in the buffer. I have an iPod photo (first edition) with the most up to date firmware...
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    Windows formatted iPod under OSX

    I've just bought an iMac, and wanted to have my iPod (photo 60GB, original model) windows formatted (so I could use it as a usb disk with my friends' computers) however things started to go flakey. Songs juddered, and buttons started beng slow to respond. Even the hold switch took about 5...
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    iPod skips first album track

    I couldn't find an exactly similar problem by searching this site, or Apple. Often when I choose an album, I click on the album to select it, and then press play on the first track. The iPod pauses for a second, and then plays the second track. if I skip backwards it plays the track fine. I...