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    iPod comes up with an error message when I plug it in. Please help

    "The software required for communicating with the iPod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes to install the iPod's software." That is the error message that comes up when I plug in my iPod. Can someone please help me? Thank you
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    I have a problem burning CD's in iTunes 4.7

    It used to work fine.... but now it freezes when I try to burn a CD. This problem started to happen when I downloaded and upgraded to iTunes 4.7 What happens it that when I click on "burn disc." it freezes and I need to Ctrl + Alt + Del. i was hoping someone can help me with this situation...
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    iPod Battery Meter number mode

    Hey, A couple of months ago there was a thread here where they talked about changing the iPod's battery meter to a more easy to read number mode. I have a Windows XP iPod 3g 15 gig Does anyone know how to do it? thanks - dingly
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    Help me decide on what headphones. Please :D

    Hey, Ok, this is the problem. I am not an Audiophile and my ears can not tell the difference between a pair of 100 dollars headphones to 30 dollars headphones. I currently have a 3g iPod 15 gig with the original Apple stock headphones. They sound really well in my ear, and I have no problem...
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    Ordered Lajo exo 2 asphalt

    Hey I just ordered the Lajo Exo 2 (Black Color) for my 3g 15 gig iPod. When do I get an email that says it has been shipped? The only email I got was my Paypal sent cash email. Thanks in advance. - dingly p.s. I also ordered a clear iShade
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    Music on Data CD... Reformatted Computer.... Transferring... HELP!!

    Title says it all... I am going to back up my music to a data cd because it holds more songs and I guess that is what I am supposed to do. The reason I am backing it up is because I am going to reformat my computer... meaning my hard drive is going to be clean... Now, when my comp is back...
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    Service Pack 2 - Will it work with my iPod?

    I am thinking of downloading and isntalling the new Service Pack 2 by Microsoft. Before i go thru the trouble, i need to know if it works with my 3rd gen 15 gig iPod? Will it mess anything up? Thanks
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    Lajo Sale Question

    Does anyone know when Lajo ( will be having another sale for the xskn lajo exo 2 skin? Or just a sale in gernerl for the iPod cases? Also, i dont know if this is allowed here but what is the deal with the Lajo Key Program? i have no idea what it is and i was wondering if you guy's...
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    XBOx Live 2 month free trial card

    Hello, I know this had nothing to do with ipod or anything... but i am posting this on "the lounge" so i guess it's ok... well anyuway. A couple of months ago i was involved in the 2 month trial card for xbox live.. but my free subscription (i ended it) on febuary 21st. So because i am going...
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    *~LAJO EXO + When can i expect it to come??? ANd a few Questions!

    Yesterday i ordered the Indigo Peral eXo and the Indigo Light iShade, and iw as wondering when it would arrive ( i live in USA). ALso, is the belt clip attacher thing completly removeable in the exo? casue i dont want it to get in the way, i just want a completley flat back. Thank you
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    Which Lajo to buy? Exo or Exo 3

    I am wondering which one to buy. I heard that the iShade sucks, and that it moves out of place for the exo 3 which i am looking at since its only 10 bucks, and only .7 mm thick. But now i am deciding to get the exo for 17 bucks. I have the contour showcase right now, but i hate it since it makes...
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    Selling my Sony MDR-EX70SL !!! thank you for looking.
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    Does anyone play COUNTER STRIKE? That owns an ipod?

    Anyone here play on Steam ( and own an ipod? i just got Steam to play counter strike on, but i am worried that all the download that it does will one day screw up my ipod software or what not. So i was wondering if any of you play it, and if i should be worried at all...
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    Contour Showcase..... kind of mad, not really.

    im annoyed, i love my contour showcase case but i hate it how it adds about a CM to the size of the ipod. I want a contour showcase without the stupid foam inserts. Or i want a new case with the same reliablity and protection of the contour showcase. any recomendations>? or does anyone know when...
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    How do i set an allowance to my self in itunes??? Someone please help me!

    I want to limit how much money i am using for songs on itunes. I want to make it so i use about 10 dollars or less a month for songs. But when i tried to set up the allownace thing, it said that i can not set up an allowance for my self... can anyone help me please?
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    Question about backup your songs and how it works?

    I know that when you backup your songs you need to put the burning mode into Data CD, when i tried this, it said that it could fit my playlist of 160 songs into one cd.... how is this possible? ANd how will it work when i reformat my computer and i want to get all those songs back to itunes? If...
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    Why am i missing songs my ipod??? But it shows up on itunes

    Why is that on my ipod there is about 1000 songs. But on itunes it says there is about 1300.... what is the problem? please help! Thanks!
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    Saw 5+ Minis at Comp usa

    i saw a couple minis at compusa today, (in washington) just a heads up
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    I am thinking of buying this Belkin FM Transmitter! Tell me what you guys think!! im thinking of buying that for around 18 bucks. First, let me tell you i dont want the Itrip (my own reasons) and i dont want to use 15 more dollars just to get the same one with...
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    How long is the remote cord? and will it work with my sony ex71???

    How long is the apple remote cord? Is it as long as the ex71 cord?