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  1. cjmnews

    Old Defense Strategy Game That I Can't Remember

    If it was removed from the App Store you can't get it, even if someone identified it. Most apps that were there a few years ago, and are missing now are 32 bit apps, which were removed with IOS 11 release since all apps are required to be 64 bits. There is a list of the "best" games that were...
  2. cjmnews

    How do I unhide a person on my Facebook messenger app?

    I can't find how to hide someone, so I am struggling with an answer. When you hid the person, did you block or mute them? You can search on their name, long press their picture/name and a menu comes up, then you can tap Block, then unblock to bring them back. Or use the Privacy & Notifications...
  3. cjmnews

    iLounge Forum Updated

    On the dark theme, I see a small issue. Links are invisible. I have to hover over all the text to see the links. In email they are visible, in the website, they are not. Could they be an alternate color?
  4. cjmnews

    Finding an Mp3 file

    How did you send the file from Windows 10 to the iPad? Typically with VLC, you would enable WiFi Sharing Use the browser on your Windows 10 machine to go to the URL displayed in WiFi Enabled section of the app. Then with the Windows 10 browser use the Upload Files button to select and send the...
  5. cjmnews

    Looking for an iPhone app

    Audacity is a program you run on your computer to edit audio files I use it to make podcasts (cut and paste segments, level the audio, remove plosions) for another group, plus silent ringtones for text messages and phone calls (thanks Apple for not having a silent...
  6. cjmnews

    Looking for an iPhone app

    The music app could do that on repeat. Just create a sound file with the 10 second message, followed by 50 seconds of silence. You could do that with Audacity quite easily.
  7. cjmnews

    Apple dropping iTune in the future.

    We don't know yet. I would expect that there would be a new Music app. Podcast app and Videos app for Windows (like the new macOS) or iTunes will remain in it's current form on Windows, like the older macOS.
  8. cjmnews

    I saw something that scares me.

    We will probably be able to adjust volume through some software other than iTunes. Same with external speakers. We will see what Apple releases in the next few months. At this time, no worries, we have iTunes. Having a copy of the iTunes folder allows you to move it to a new computer Windows...
  9. cjmnews

    I saw something that scares me.

    Apple Announces 'macOS Catalina' With Separate Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV Apps There will need to be a way to manage music between a large storage system like a Computer to a smaller device like the iPod. Now the details on the replacements are light. They say that Finder (Mac) can manage...
  10. cjmnews

    iTunes not remember the song I played after closing

    I don't see the same issue on an iPhone X iOS 12.3, soon to be upgraded to 12.3.1. Mine shows the current song that was playing. How long is a while later? I was doing a minute or two. I agree that Music (not iTunes, that is a shopping app, not a music app) shows the correct song. Are you...
  11. cjmnews

    SD-modded iPod Classic 4G freezing computer

    The connector in the bottom of the iPod is probably the issue. You may need to replace it.
  12. cjmnews

    SD-modded iPod Classic 4G freezing computer

    This sounds like there are pins bent in the 30 pin connector on the bottom of the iPod or the cable that is being used is bad. Try a different cable, see if that fixes the issue. If not, then the pins in the connector are possibly bent, for example: maybe Pin 25 (USB data -) or Pin 27 (USB...
  13. cjmnews

    Scosche FM Transmitter cutting out randomly, please help =(

    That would be difficult to diagnose over the internet. The unit could be damaged, or the antenna for your car stereo is loose are my two suspicions. You could consider getting a new one. I see a couple models at Walmart for $13-$16. If the new one fails to transmit all the time I think the...
  14. cjmnews

    Need help - iPod will not sync

    Lots of things here. 1. Restoring the iPod with the "firmware file could not be found" This is caused by a corrupt firmware file on your system and it can't be used to restore. You should be able to get around this with the steps: a. Close iTunes b. Open Windows Explorer, in the URL bar at the...
  15. cjmnews

    Help please converting files for 3rd gen iPod (40GB)

    The conversion is not needed. All I Pods can play MP3 files as well as AAC files ( m4a extension is for audio music, m4b audio book, m4r ringtone, they had fun with the extensions) The conversion process you did lowered the quality of the sound, and I would delete the m4a files and use the...
  16. cjmnews

    WhatsApp Data Backup

    I would try to remove something else from iCloud before buying more space.
  17. cjmnews

    WhatsApp Data Backup

    That is my assumption at this point.
  18. cjmnews

    WhatsApp Data Backup

    The stopping at 2% indicates that you don't have 1GB of space on iCloud. If this is not the case you may need to go into iCloud in Settings->[Apple ID]->iCloud->Manage Storage and delete the WhatsApp data, then try the backup again.
  19. cjmnews

    WhatsApp Data Backup

    The steps are documented: If you are seeing errors, let me know and I'll see if I can help resolve it. You should see the data being used in iCloud in Settings->[Apple ID]->iCloud->Manage Storage
  20. cjmnews


    The screen indicates that you should plug it into the iTunes computer you sync with. When this was done, it should have restored your last backup of the iPad back to the iPad, upgrading the operating system if needed/possible. The process takes a while. Last time I restored a device it took...