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  1. iMcMarky01

    Fitness Apps

    Ok then, that's quite interesting, I think I'll just keep to the free Apple watch apps as they seem the best.
  2. iMcMarky01

    Fitness Apps

    Is the apple watch default applications the best ones out there since its from apple? Or is other fitness apps on the app store like running apps better? My mate told me the default apps from Apple are the best. Does any techy guy know more information on this subject?
  3. iMcMarky01

    Why can some images not be found on the internet.

    Google lens should be a fast way to find the image.
  4. iMcMarky01

    How do i prevent Tik Tok in my email?

    Its the Chinese government. There coming for you now
  5. iMcMarky01

    I cant change my gmail password

    Have you tried turning your phone off and on?
  6. iMcMarky01

    Who plays world of tanks?

    I've heard about that game but I have never played it. Is it has fun as they say?
  7. iMcMarky01

    iPhones going for $40,000

    Some people may know this YouTube but he dropped $40k on an unopened original iphone.
  8. iMcMarky01

    If the iPod was still selling today, would you even buy one?

    I miss the iPod as it was a fantastic product. But if the iPod was still selling today, would you even buy one?
  9. iMcMarky01

    £50 for a iphone case?

    I know the apple logo can up the value of any product but £50 for an apple branded iphone case. A bit expensive isn't it? Its only some rubber
  10. iMcMarky01

    Fan on a iPad?

    I don't know the exact temperature but sometimes it gets hot while it's starting to lack. But thank you for your comment. really helped
  11. iMcMarky01

    How do I clear recents from the finder window?

    You might need to go into the library, at the top of your Mac. Then press options on your keep and it should pop up
  12. iMcMarky01

    Fan on a iPad?

    When you use an iPad to its full ability it starts to get hot. Do you reckon that if it had a fan it would run cooler and at a better performance?
  13. iMcMarky01

    Hey, want to save funny tiktok videos on my iPhone?

    Have you tried pressing the saved button?
  14. iMcMarky01

    Dynamic island more like no user zone

    I like how Apple made used of the their pill but why call it the dynamic island. Apparently the audience laughed at the name at the Apple campus. What do you think about the name?