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    Temporary Forums/Thread w/ New Releases?

    In response to this: Perhaps a temporary "bug" forum for the first 30-45 days of a major release (major = products that contribute to the life of this website) until the main problems wind down? Lets adult noobs surf the issues quickly without registering for one post, and veterans help the...
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    Stevie Wonder & Earth, Wind, & Fire

    Those are two artists/bands (legends) that are absolutely timeless! They have a song for every single mood: Love, anger, sorrow.... Get a greatest hits if you haven't already!
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    FS: Westone UM1 $95 Shipped

    Hello everyone! Just upgraded to a new pair of phones and am now selling these. Purchased in Dec '05 for the gym. Not used too much. Has all packaging and paperwork except one pair of eartips is missing--the pair I used. Original packaging has two standard and two short comply eartips. Also...
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    FS: Shure E4 Greys $150 Shipped (Priority)

    Hello everyone, I'm selling my E4s to fund an upgrade. I don't use these on the regular, and it takes a while to get a good seal. So, I'm upgrading to customs so I don't have to worry about fit and comfort. Only one set of earpieces were used (the smaller ones). Will ship with all...
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    Review: XtremeMac MicroShield

    Okay, well I received the XtremeMac MicroShield (finally). The cost was $19.95 plus $3 shipping… not bad for nano cases I guess. The package it came in was a nice touch, but big and overwhelming for a small case. It has the features...
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    Tsk, Tsk T.O.

    Any comments on Owens getting dropped like a hot potato from the Eagles? Hey, $49 Million is enough to keep me quiet any day.... ....and not a penny less :D
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    Bad Shure Experience

    Okay, so about a month ago I purchased the Shure E2Cs and the ER-6is for full-time earphone usage. The Ety's are for the gym and after a small rig to the earpiece, I have a pretty good set of earphones. :) The Shures sound okay, but I found even the smallest earpiece to be too big for my ears...
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    InvisibleShield Threads

    Can all the invisibleshield threads be merged into a full "ANYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT INVISIBLESHIELDS" then made as a sticky in each case forum or even non-case forum? Is there a way the thread can be seen in each forum, but the posts will show up inclusively? Not sure if I'm clear...
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    World's First 453 Track Album!!! (or How to See All Songs--Even Ones w/ No Album Name

    I didn't realize so many people were having this issue, but artists that I have in my music library that do not have albums associated with them are placed in my album entitled "Miscellaneous". Some people name that specific album "Singles", "Other", or "Unknown" creative! When you are...
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    Well Waddya Know (Free 3G Vaja Case)

    Received this email from Dear JazzyMac Vaja invites you to renew your iPod 3G case! Through this exclusive promotion you will be able to get a free new i-Vod 3G to restyle your long-time trusty player. Just enter here, go to the "In-Stock immediate shipping" section and use the...
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    FS: Black Nano 4gb $250 + Shipping (U.S.)

    Hey, I'm selling the black nano and switching to a white. This is because I am purchasing a black ipod and want the nano to contrast. This nano did not come out of the box until the decalgirls arrived. I put it on as soon as I opened the original plastic covering. Used twice in the gym. I...
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    Vaja Cases for Nano Now Available

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you.
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    All Hail to the Gym Buffs (Only)!

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I've been searching and searching for some new headphones for strictly for gym/intense activity use. My requirements? Great sound; audiophile-ness not needed, Under...
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    Have We Talked About This Yet????

    Gapless Playback....Have We Talked About This Yet???? I would definitely want gapless playback in a new iPod. If Apple release something like that, perhaps a firmware update can also apply to the nano. Takers?
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    The Official NBC's "The Apprentice" Season 4 Thread

    Okay, we have hit Week 3 on The Apprentice and Jennifer W. was fired for having the "most horrible, horrible, crappiest Tech Expo presentation ever!" (Exaggeration, but still...). Did Charlotte from "Sex and the City" keep popping into folks' heads everytime she was on camera...
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    XtremeMac Cases for Nano Just a short glance at these show some promising protection for the nano. Much, much cheaper than vaja...:D
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    "Various" or "Miscellaneous" Album Art

    Now that I have a color photo iPod, I have a 428-track "Miscellaneous" album with songs from single albums or "sampled" tracks;). However, there I don't have art on those tracks. I used iArt to download, but it didn't work for me as I don't want to get different album art for every single one...
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    What's the Difference???

    When I first purchased my iPod, I was disappointed at the way it seemed to attract scratches on contact. Now I see people posting that they will get white nano because it's "scratch proof". No, it's not. Both items attract scratches except it shows more on the black. But I'm absolutely sure...
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    Joke for baggss

    There was this redneck from Northern Alabama who had a flat tire and he pulled off on the side of the road and he proceeded to put a bouquet of flowers on the front of the car and a bouquet of flowers behind the car. Then he got back into the car to wait. A passerby studied the scene as he...
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    Here's An Idea: Incorporation

    Has anyone ever thought of perhaps linking some of the "better" reviews from the users to the Reviews in the Gear Guide?