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    bluetooth questions

    I wanna get the Samsung CL65 digital camera. I'll use it primarily with my printer whic has bluetooth also. Would I be able to send photos to my iPad via bluetooth. Also does the ipad support bluetooth printing?
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    Give us Keychain Apple!!!

    windows users prolly don't know what I'm talking about. OSx users love it. Put it simply: remembers passwords and usernames so u never have to type them in again I hate typing in me email and password for facebook and myspace
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    the future house

    ok my dream future house would have usb ports in every room (just like outlets) for charging and syncing all of my usb gadgets, and i can sync my ipod even if it is charging in the bathroom. infact add a wireless usb host to my car so i dont have to take out my ipod touch everytime i leave my...
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    What brightness setting do u use

    im not a battery saving fanatic, but i keep my brightness almost all the way down, it greatly increases the battery life i personally thing the brightest setting hurts my eyes, for my eyes halfway is the max i can go. keep in mind im one of those drivers who thinks everyone has their highbeams...
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    Things that irk you about the iPod touch

    Ok I always say the touch is the most perfect gadget I have. But there's still a few things that annoy me First; apple gave me this nice 32gig harddrive that I can't access through finder??? WTF The keyboard won't rotate to landscape. I always type in landscape with 2 thumbs its easier and faster
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    iPod touch "LOL"s

    ok last post of the day (I'm on a posting binge today) What are somethings that make you laugh out loud when using your touch Mine are when I think I'm hitting the backspace button a thousand times and I look up off the keyboard and see: lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll And I...
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    rename the iPod touch to the apple touch

    I love my Touch it is the greatest gadget in the world (yes it knocked my gps off number one) Anyways I don't consider it an "iPod". It does have iPod like features but its more like itunes features. To me the Touch is like a macbook air nano LOL I believe apple should just refer to it as the...
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    the apple iPod touch pro

    the touch is the perfect device ever, but I wish they had a 7in version of it. I'm not asking for much, just the touch with a 7in screen. Apple can start a family of ultra portables. Honestly I think the iPod touch should be considered an ultra portable. Anyways the apple ultra portable family...
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    does anyone else have odd album art bugs

    Dude my album art keeps going all out of wack. For somereason when I play songs it will display the wrong album art. Sometimes album art from iTunes movies. For example I bought Jason mraz new EP off iTunes, synced it to my touch synced other songs/movies, now it has the mean girls album art...
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    Why I chose the touch over mylo 2

    Ok I always wanted a handheld Internet device. I don't want to lug around my MacBook anymore. My MacBook has my dj software and is the heart of my djing business so I don't want it to get damaged or stolen ok the Sony mylo 2 and the nokia 770 are awesome pieces of hardware. Infact after getting...
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    I was insulted today for owning a touch

    I was called a rich yuppie for having a 32gig touch. What a ###c! This jerk sat down at my bar didn't order alcohol and was hassling me about my iPod. And that I was a rich boy who wants to flash off the coolest gadgets. Excuse me but he shoulda noticed that I am a bartender and st pattis week...
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    ok linksys routers socks big time

    More than half of the linksys routers I connect to drop my iPod touch connection. Mainly because the firmware needs updating. But you have to connected via Ethernet cable to do so. And for some reason places that fee free wifi use cheap linksys routers. ARRRg In my opinion the best routers are...
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    2g iPod touch feature list

    iChat av - iPod touch is the only internet device with amessaging client. Also provides voip Built in isight - the mylo 2 has one - a must have if u have iSight Bluetooth - for apples bluetooth headset - apples most underated app. Let's u view almost any file...
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    the ilounge forum WEBAPP

    come on now. One of the most popular forums needs its own webapp. unless there is already one... My question is can the forums be implimented into a simple webapp? Cuz I love how the facebook and webapps look
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    Phase Phanatic Tips: Using Your Own Songs

    Ok I'm officially addicted to Phase, I can play it all day. Phase does for ipod what tetris did for gameboy. Anyways it's lacking some important tools. An editor and a BPM counter. So using your own songs can be frustrating at times, mainly because the software isnt perfect. Alot of songs...
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    The iPhone features

    what will the iPhone sport? my thoughts... "built in iSight" - quote Steve Jobs The MobileMe software suite includes modified mobile versions of: iChat AV Photobooth (saves photos directly to iPhoto) iPhoto Quicktime iTunes (no song limit) Address Book iCal Safari iSync Input...
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    itrip HD

    hey griffintechnology! how about an itrip HD radio transmitter? HD radios are catching on quick and can transmit data through the airwaves. on hd radios you can search the band for genres, like pop rock talk ect. the itrip HD would let you do the same for your ipod. Song info would also be...
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    Apple now an official phone reseller

    well too many instances is adding up. now it makes sense. stated that apple is an official phone reseller. not only that my friend who works at an apple retail store told me to look up: I googled it and found the Motorola TXTR D7. He says it's in the POSIM Diamond library...
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    new click wheel operations, without adding buttons

    combination buttons. very easy to implement, very easy to use. I actually had to check my ipod to see if it's already there, but it's not. But what is it??? well it's simple, combo clicking would involve holding down the center button and clicking (not holding) a wheel button. Want to goto...