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    SELLING Shure SE310 Noise Isolating Earphones NEW IN BOX w/TAG

    I recently went to Micro Center and bought these for a whopping 260 buckaroos, but my brother decided to open them a little early while I was researching them and whether or not my purchase was worth it. Well, he started to cut a hole with scissors at the bottom to open it up, so he made quite a...
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    All right- obviously, this is not the right section per se, but it has to do with the iPod Video, so this is the closest one fitting the question. Has anyone bought from Mac Mall or PC Mall before? iLounge set up a Corporate Access page last year and I signed up. Now, I bought, but then I went...
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    FS (Under Consideration): Used 4th Gen. 20GB iPod

    FS: Used 4th Gen. 20GB iPod w/ PICTURES I'm thinking of selling mine. I would like an offer or two to see what I would be able to get. Details are as follows: -Used visible condition: mild scratches on back and front, a few bigger scratches on front and back. -Perfect working condition: was...
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    Out of curiosity, for how much would my iPod sell for?

    Hey everyone, I have a question. I have a 4th generation, 20GB Monochrome LCD iPod. It is still under warranty with 3 months remaining. It has visible scratches on the back and front, both small and medium sized. I guarantee it works absolutely perfectly. I have never had to reset it in 9...
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    Slight Problem W/ New Headphones

    I recently requested some new earbud headphones for my 4G iPod, 20GB monochromatic. They work fine, great quality, etc.-- my problem is that sometimes, though rarely, it paused on its own, even though the headphones ARE plugged in and when I resume play it plays. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure it's...
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    Does Apple ever request to send the earphones back?

    If you request new headphones, do they ever want you to send the damaged ones back?
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    On the 21st, my iPod and I are going on vacation!

    I'm going to Romania to hang out with my folks, and my iPod is coming with me! For one whole month, yay! And i'm looking forward to the airplane ride too. I'll make sure to take pictures.
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    Apple Offers $50 Credit For iPod Batteries (1st-3rd Gen.)

    Apple Offers $50 Credit for IPod Batteries By RACHEL KONRAD, AP Technology Writer 1 hour, 23 minutes ago SAN FRANCISCO - Consumers who had battery problems with older versions of the popular iPod digital music player will get $50 vouchers and extended service warranties under a tentative...
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    My First Reset..

    After 2 months of happy playing, I had to reset it. No big deal, but after not loading songs on for a while, the comp. wouldn't recognize the iPod, therefore not displaying the Do Not Disconnect screen and not allowing me to load songs on it. I quickly reset it, in 5 seconds and now it works...
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    Requesting New Earphones: Shipping?

    I requested a new pair of headphones since mine went dead, but I wanted to know: 1. In how much time they come. 2. Are they in a box? 3. Does Fedex/UPS deliver them, or are they just in the mail with normal USPS? 4. Any shipping charge? Thanks, an answer will greatly be appreciated. ~SergeArsenie
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    I just created a blog :D

    Hehe, my first photo blog. If you care to visit it, its at All the photos are throught Chicago. If you go, let me know what you think. Thanks. EDIT :: All right, its done.
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    What band (or singer) annoys you? (In YOUR opinion)

    With criticism set aside here, share any band or singer you hate for any reason at all. I'll get started. I hate Slipknot and Simple Plan. Why? Slipknot, IMO, its just some guy yelling at the Mic and hardcore drums in the background. Why I have S.P.? Becase they have such a negativity to...
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    33 FREE iTunes Songs w/ Audi Test Drive

    If you test drive a new Audi, you will recieve 33 free iTunes songs. You do not have to buy the car, just drive it. Its win-win. Anyways, you sign up for the offer, get the certificate via e-mail, present it to the dealer, and the Apple credits your account with 33 songs. Note: You must be 21...
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    Woohoo! MY picture finally made it in the gallery!

    After many attempts, my pics. finally got in the gallery! They're the ones from Millenium Park in Chicago! *Celebrates*
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    I need some iPod advice from people currently in High School

    Well i'm deciding on whether to take my iPod with me to school tomorrow. It may seem like no big deal, but i'm a bit concerned, seeing as its my first time. Anyways, what should I do when people want to see it, or listen to it a bit, or hold it? Frankly, I don't trust them and I don't want to...
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    Is it okay to charge iPod in my DLO Neoprene case?

    I bought a DLO Action Jacket for my 20GIG iPod. I was wondering, is it fine to charge the iPod with it still on? IF it helps, the material its made from is neoprane or something like that. Thanks for any help.
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    Thank You To The Mod Who Changed My Sig. :D

    No seriously! I llike it, looks good. And I was going to get carried away, puttint 40.. even 60 sigs! Thanks I guess, lol. EDIT- Changed back :D
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    iPod 5th Gen. Has 12 hr. Battery Life, Apple Says.

    According to this Apple web site, the 5th Gen. iPod has a 12 hour battery life. Interesting, I expected them to have 18, like the new Minis. CTRL + F for "5th"
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    Is this a scam?

    Here is an auction for a used iPod I found: I think this might be a scam because who in their right mind sells an iPod for 10 bucks?
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    Is it ok to use cellophane to protect the LCD?

    I hate getting LCD scratches, so is it ok to use cellophane on the iPod LCD? The same kind you would use on covering food.